This Is Your Guide to Starbucks' Milks and How They Enhance Your Beverages

Perfecting your go-to Starbucks drink takes some fine-tuning, and milk is a good place to start experimenting.

Starbucks has several different milk options, both for dairy lovers and the dairy-free alike. No matter which you are, you'll find that they bring different qualities to your beverages. The next time you're feeling a little experimental, you may want to consider switching yours up. It could bring your drink from a nine to a 10.

Keep reading for our guide to all of Starbucks' milks.

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2% Milk

This is Starbucks' default milk, meaning it's what you get when you don't specify an alternative. It adds a nice creaminess to beverages without too distinct a flavor. As long as you typically drink milk, you'll find that it goes well with almost everything.


Nonfat Milk

Nonfat milk can be controversial. How you feel about it probably depends on what kind of milk you've grown up drinking. People who are used to 2% or whole milk, for example, often complain that it tastes watery. The good news about that, though, is that it won't overpower other flavors, like a subtle tea.

Another benefit to nonfat milk is that it's lower in calories than almost every other milk at Starbucks. (The exception is almond milk.) It's a good choice if your drink is already calorie-rich and you want to scale it down a bit.

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Whole Milk

When you want to treat yourself, whole milk is the way to go. It's creamy and decadent. You'll feel more like your drink is a dessert. Mm-mm, good.


Soy Milk

Starbucks' soy milk is vanilla flavored, so it gives drinks a unique twist and is still creamy. You might find that you prefer it to regular milk, even if you are able to consume dairy. The soy chai tea latte, for example, is divine.

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Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is another interesting dairy-free milk alternative. It's sweet and, of course, tastes like coconut. That can mix well with a lot of drinks, like a mocha.


Almond Milk

Almond milk has the fewest calories per serving of all Starbucks' milk options. It can be a bit of an acquired taste, though. If you're just getting into it, you may want to start by adding it to drinks that are sweet and flavorful, such as a hot chocolate, so that the nuttiness is somewhat masked.


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