Learn All About Former Best Friends Whenever Star Gus Kamp

You don't have to pretend with us, we know you totally had a crush on Gus Kamp during his Best Friends Whenever days because we did, too.

Now that a little time has passed since Barry Eisenberg has graced our screens, we got to know the dude behind one of our fave Disney Channel characters. Scroll through and find out all about him!


(Photo Credit: Blake Cyrier)

Name: Gus Kamp

Birthplace: Colorado

Birthday: July 5

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. He is always inspired by quality art. "I listen to good music, read good literature and watch good movies," he shares with Sweety High. He thinks this is essential to making any art you love.

2. He has seen some amazing places already, but If he could travel anywhere, he wouldn't limit himself to only earth. "I'd really love to visit the International Space Station or the moon," he says. "Space is beautiful and I want to experience it firsthand."

3. He considers himself a hardcore Ravenclaw. "I care a lot more about being correct and analytical than about being in the larger spotlight," he admits.

4. He has a unique approach to fashion and loves thrift stores because they have a "good and constantly changing selection of old stuff." We definitely get old school style vibes from his photos and we love it.

5. He is obsessed with any kind of bear, his top kinds being polar, brown and grizzly.

6. His all-time fave song is "Graceless" by The National. "I've never heard a song with more deep, poetic and insightful lyrics; plus it's really catchy!"

7. He low-key misses his Disney days and says that Barry is a character with whom he always identified. "Something about that character just really clicks with me," he says. Also, those Disney parties look like an absolute blast.


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