We Can Guess How You Judge THESE Popular Guy Names

Have you ever met a guy and instantly judged him solely by his name?

It's okay—we've all done it. Some boys are predictable to a fault based off their names alone.

If you're dating, crushing, annoyed with or are besties with any guys, we're pretty sure we can guess your first association when you hear their name. See if we're right, below!

Cocky Bros

Brad, Chad, Brock, Tanner, Chet, Bryce, Chaz

We've all seen the Brad/Chad memes by now, but do they hold any merit? Yes! We've yet to meet one who doesn't think he's all that. We bet we know who you're picturing in your head—the guy who acts like he's in a fraternity and wears way too many polos.



Matt, Tyler, Eric, Jake, Kyle, Michael

These are the names of boys who will inevitably break your heart. They're sweet when you first meet them, but at some point down the line, they flip a switch. Long gone is the boy who bought you flowers, now all he does is DM girls on Instagram, even though you're "exclusive".


The Ones You Want to Marry

William, Robert, Paul, Anthony, Evan, Joshua

They may not know of your existence, but you can still dream! They are the perfect gentleman and will end up with their high school sweetheart. He's never been in a fight with his girlfriend, opens her doors and holds her bags. You snooze, you lose!


In the Friend Zone

Colin, Arthur, Sheldon, Hank, Harry, Mason, Conor

You've been friends with these guys for so long, you've never thought of them in a romantic way—but the same can't be said for them. They might have even confessed their love for you, only to have you turn them down and say, "I love you, too… as a friend."


Bad Boys

David, Andrew, Christopher, Jax, Lars, Abe, Lucas

You've probably been ghosted by one of these boys. Okay, definitely ghosted. They wear a leather jacket every day, even when it's hot out. These guys drink their coffee black and are never tied down by one person. They skip class all the time, but are somehow the teachers' favorites.

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Class Clowns

John, Ryan, Hunter, Brian, Jack, Damon, Kevin

These are the annoying, talk-too-loud, class clown types. They don't ever seem to stop talking and they make a joke out of everything. These boys have never had a serious conversation in their life and probably don't date often because no one takes them seriously.


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