Gwen Stefani Tells Us She Wasn't the Edgy Cool Girl in High School

Chances are, at least one song by Gwen Stefani defined a part of your teenage experience. Be it her No Doubt days, Love. Angel. Music. Baby., Sweet Escape… the list of Gwen Stefani album hits goes on and on.

But, she hasn't always been the defiant, rebellious charttopper.

Gwen has an amazing ability to push boundaries, set trends, and help fans navigate through life with her music. She's a fearless leader, and her punk rock attitude makes her appear carefree and mischievous. So believe us, we were shocked to find out that she was indeed the exact opposite as a teen.

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"I was the opposite of rebellious when I was a teen,"Gwen recently told Sweety High, while celebrating her L.A.M.B collaboration with Gx Eyewear at the London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills hotel. "I was very peaceful and easy and passive. I always had that one friend and I discovered music. Kind of like everybody, when you find that music that defines who you are, you kind of relate to it."

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If you're a fan of Gwen, you know the music she's referring to is ska, a music style that peaked in the late '90s, known for incorporating trumpet, trombone and saxophone into its sound.

"I was all about that," she said. "I was really into music that wasn't popular. Even though now looking back, everything that was popular defined my life as well, you know the '80s."

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Gwen was just 17-years-old when No Doubt was formed, and she didn't even know she could sing prior to that.

And even though her onstage persona wore fishnets and bra tops and had crazy hair colors, Gwen reveals, "I was the quiet good girl, no [stuff that would get me in trouble]… and I'm really proud of that. I think that's important today and I hope for my children that they follow that path. I love that I can look back and I can say that I was never anything but who I am."

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