Here's What Happened When We Tried Rosewater Beauty Beverage H2rOse

While I'm usually pretty good about drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated, I sometimes encounter moments when I'd rather drink something more exciting than pure H2O.

That's precisely what attracted me to H2rOse, a tasty new beverage that supports hydration, with all of the added benefits of rosewater and saffron. When their team reached out to me for the chance to review the product, I was eager to give the drinks a shot and to see how they might fit into my life.

The Product

H2rOse is a rosewater drink with added saffron that's designed to make hydration fun and delicious. According to their website, staying hydrated can help us fight fatigue, keep cool, have better skin and maintain healthy body systems. Further, the healing properties of rosewater and saffron also improve the look and feel of skin, aid in sleep and handling stress and can help settle irritable stomachs and quell bloating. Their slogan is "Drink and be beautiful." Those are a lot of benefits in one simple drink.

On top of all that, it's also formulated to taste great. It's sweetened with organic evaporated cane sugar, which is packed with nutrients, including magnesium, calcium and iron, and at 11 grams of sugar per 16.9 oz. bottle, it contains fewer sugars than almost any other naturally sweetened drink out there. On top of that, there are only 40 calories per bottle.

H2rOse comes in four flavors—peach, mango, wild berry and apple—and each one is flavored with real fruit juice. Four packs of the drink are available for $18, and if you stick to a single flavor, 12 packs are available for just $28. You can also purchase a multi-flavor 12 pack for $30.

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The Experience

I'd never had a rosewater drink before trying H2rOse, so I didn't really know what to expect flavor-wise. With all of the drink's supposed health benefits, part of me was worried it would taste either overly medicinal or bland and flavorless. I started in the morning with the apple flavor and was delighted to find that this wasn't the case at all. The drink was like a light, floral-tinted apple juice, and it was all too easy to gulp it down.


Afterward, I felt nicely hydrated, and while I can't exactly say if it helped to regulate my mood or stress levels, I did find it really pleasurable to drink in the moment. Later that day, I followed it up with the wild berry flavor. This time, I felt that I tasted the rose in the drink much more strongly, but this was a good thing because it was delicious. Again, I felt pretty healthy and hydrated afterward.

I started the next day with the peach flavor. This one might have been my favorite of all, with the delicate peach and flower-y flavors mingling perfectly into one overall taste. Afterward, I felt the same delicious experience I had after enjoying the previous two bottles. I was a little sad when it was time to drink the mango flavor, because it meant that I would be all out soon. This one probably had the strongest fruit flavor of all, but it was just as good as the others.

I'm not exactly sure if four bottles, spread out over a couple of days, could show me exactly what H2rOse might do for my body and mind in the long run, but I did enjoy every minute of tasting them, and I always felt great afterward. It's only a matter of time before I order myself another case (or three) of the drinks.


Bottom Line

While it wasn't easy for me to quantify the benefits of H2rOse in any meaningful way during my experiment, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who has a tough time hydrating because they dislike plain water—as well as to anyone who's simply open to trying something new. At about $2.50 per bottle when you buy in bulk, it's not much more expensive than a bottle of soda or juice, and they taste incredible. If the drinks truly do have all of the added health benefits described on their website, then that's simply an added bonus.

H2rOSE peach flavor bottle


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