9 Habits Practiced by All Successful Students

For some, studying and acing every exam comes easily. For others, a little more work may be involved.

No matter what type of learner you are, you can follow in the footsteps of successful students to raise your GPA and lower your stress levels. 

See what the nine habits practiced by all successful students are below!

Planning Ahead

We've all had panicked nights when we realize a big project is due the next day, and we scramble to throw something together. Planning ahead not only prevents stressful nights like these, but they'll give you enough time to anticipate issues you need help with from your teacher in order to get a better grade.

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Asking Questions

Successful students aren't afraid to speak up when they don't understand something. Don't be afraid to raise your hand in class—chances are someone else has the same question you do. Also, teachers love an inquisitive student.


Taking Breaks

While accomplished students spend a large amount of their time completing schoolwork, they take time to themselves to make sure they don't get burned out. Take breaks throughout studying to stretch, grab a snack or spend time with friends or family.

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Practicing Self-Care

Along the lines of taking frequent breaks, practicing regular self-care is vital to your success as a student. Your mental health should always be your priority.


Going Above and Beyond

You might be able to pass your classes by doing just the bare minimum, but truly successful students always accept extra credit, do their best on every assignment, study enough to ace every exam and take up extracurriculars.

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Perfecting Study Skills

Note-taking is an art form that can be mastered, and studying is a skill that can be honed! Learn how to take down information so you can understand it when you read it back later. You'll remember more and be better prepared for tests.


 Writing Everything Down

You may think "I'll definitely remember this" when the teacher is doling out due dates, but successful students put pen to paper when it comes to important information.

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Eating Breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast jump starts your brain and keeps you full and focused until lunch. If you don't have time to sit down to a meal, grab a banana on your way out the door.


Having Goals in Mind

Do you have your heart set on Harvard? Have you always wanted straight As on your report card? Having goals to work toward can make those long nights in the library a little more bearable.


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