4 Habits to Leave Behind in 2022

Well, we've officially made it 2022.

While it may not seem so different just yet (there's always room for optimism, though), the beginning of a new year isn't just a good time to start some new healthy habits—it's also a great time to leave some not-so-good habits behind! With that said, here are a few habits we're all trying to leave back in 2021 where they belong:

1. Being Overly Self-Critical

We all love a little self-deprecating humor once in a while, but psychology has actually proven that all those negative comments and jokes about yourself can actually take a toll on your mental health and how you view yourself. While a small self-roast here and there can help you stay grounded, it's also important to remember to be kind to yourself. Being overly self-critical, whether because you failed a test, said something you think sounded stupid, are unsatisfied with your appearance or any other reason, is never necessary. Instead, remind yourself how incredible you are, think of some things you're grateful for and remember that you're pretty tough for getting through the last couple of years, no matter what.

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2. Ordering Takeout and Eating Out All the Time

The occasional "treat yourself" moment is warranted, but ordering takeout or eating out all of the time? Not so much. Along with ruining your budget, this culinary habit could also be secretly wreaking havoc on your health due to the amount of sodium, sugar and more that tends to be hidden in food you buy from restaurants. It's great to support a local restaurant once in a while if you can afford to, but it's also good to balance that with family meals at home and learning to cook a few healthy (or at least healthy-ish) meals for yourself.

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3. Too Much Screen Time Before Bed

It can feel like your For You Page is just calling your name before you finally shut your eyes for bed, but all that mindless scrolling could actually be one of the worst things you can do for your overall sleep. Along with reducing the time you actually get to be asleep, too much screen time can lower the quality of the sleep itself—meaning a more tired and cranky you in the morning. Try setting your phone aside for at least 20 minutes before bed instead and see if you start to feel better after a bit.

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4. Constantly Self Diagnosing

If you're anything like the rest of us, your social feeds were probably littered with well-meaning videos and infographics delving into various conditions—many of them relating to mental health. The problem with this type of content is that you can't check the credentials of the person creating it, and it's incredibly easy to generalize the symptoms and make just about anyone believe they might be experiencing the condition at hand. One good thing is that content like this has helped spark new conversations on health and overall mental wellness, but it's always best to get that information from professionals, and not the internet. If you truly suspect you may have something, speak to someone and see if you can seek a professional medical diagnosis before doing it yourself.

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Even if you were never guilty of any of these habits, to begin with, the start of a new year is still a great time to take a deep look at your own habits and see where you might be able to drop a few and embrace some healthy ones in their place. If you're looking for a few resolutions to carry into 2022, you aren't too late! Just because we're past Jan. 1 doesn't mean you have to wait for next year to start some good habits—and being mindful is probably a good one to add to the top of your list.

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