6 Hacks That Will Save Your Beauty Routine

Beauty is obviously an essential part of our daily routine.

Whether it's styling our hair, applying our makeup, or just overall prep for our day, we all have a daily process in our beauty system.

However, maintaining a daily routine can be difficult, and sometimes expensive. Read on for tips and tricks that can cut the time (and money) on the most essential elements of your beauty routine!

girl applies her makeup in the morning

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1. Use Mascara as Eyeliner in a Pinch

Consistently remembering to replace your makeup can be tricky. We've all had the moment when we pop open our go-to eyeliner, only to find that we probably should have replaced it weeks ago. Thankfully, mascara can act as a decent alternative in desperate situations.

The most common method involves dipping your eyeliner brush into your mascara brush and applying it as you would apply your normal eyeliner. It might not be perfect, but it can save your everyday routine until you find time to make it to the store.


2. Use Highlighter Around Your Lips to Make Them Pop

If you think your lips are your best feature, this hack is perfect for you! Applying highlighter around your lips tactfully draws attention to them, and it barely adds time to your morning routine!

Just use your go-to highlighter and brush and gently trace the outline of your lips. Blend until the highlighter is practically unnoticeable and Voila!—beautifully accentuated lips with a completely natural look.

Step 4 too faced snow bunny highlighter


3. Use Baby Powder To Pump Up Lash Volume

Baby powder is definitely not just for babies anymore! Using baby powder during your mascara routine can give you the long and voluminous lashes that we all crave.

Just gently apply baby powder with a cotton swab following your first two coats of mascara. Then, darken the lashes with one more mascara layer and enjoy the thicker and fuller appearance that will make your eyes pop.


4. Save Your Dry, Clumpy Mascara with Contact Solution

Whether it's three weeks or three months, we have all experienced dry, clumpy mascara. Although it's not good to keep mascara longer than six months, using contact solution can save mascara that has not reached its expiration date yet.

Simply add 2-3 drops of contact solution to your tube and shake it up to create smooth, useable mascara that will last you a few more weeks.

Step 8 apply mascara


5. Use Cornstarch as Dry Shampoo

It's a well-known fact that it is not good to wash your hair every day. However, oil buildup can leave your hair feeling greasy, dirty, and just overall gross. Cornstarch can help mend this problem.

Just apply a small amount of cornstarch to your roots to soak up excess oil fast, leaving your hair feeling healthy and clean on your non-wash days.


6. Eliminate Summer Static With a Brush and a Dryer Sheet

Suffering from staticky hair? Just follow this super easy DIY and you'll be good to go in minutes.

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