Haiden Talks 'flight attendant' and How It's 'The Breakup Letter [He] Never Wrote'

L.A. indie-pop singer-songwriter Haiden flew onto our radars in a big way in 2022 with the viral hit "Sorry to Your Next Ex," and he's showing a whole new side to his artistry with this latest single "flight attendant."

The new song—his first single of 2023—aptly compares the trajectory of a collapsing relationship to a plane crash. With a swelling acoustic sound and Haiden's unmatched vocals, it describes the dissolution of the relationship that inspired his debut EP, Good Grief!, while teasing a more intimate, vulnerable and mature aspect of Haiden's musical talents. We fell in love at first listen, and we had the pleasure of getting to chat with him all about the song and what its heartbreaking lyrics mean to him.

The Story Behind 'flight attendant'

Haiden: Last March, I realized that I had been harboring some resentment towards the long-term relationship that I was in while we were living together in my 250 sq ft bedroom. I'd try talking about my feelings but would lose steam as the conversations got tense. I felt like a bad person for not being able to hold onto things that made our relationship worth being in and I really hated feeling that way. I wanted so badly for things to go back to normal but they never did.


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What 'flight attendant' Means

Haiden: I see "flight attendant" as the "all of the things that I should have said in that moment." It's the breakup letter that I never wrote and in it is all of the courage that I didn't have. I hope that when people hear it, they hear past the callus of the words and can feel how desperately I tried to save what I had. It's easy to villainize the person that ends things but to anyone that's done it, you understand how heavy it is. Hopefully, this story will help shine some light on how both sides of the camp feel in that situation.

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Haiden's Favorite Lyric

Haiden: The first verse came about as I was sitting on my friend's front porch in Nashville, playing what became the opening chords to the song, and thinking about a Benny Blanco interview where he talked about his fear of flying. He said that on one of his flights, the turbulence was so bad that even the flight attendants were struggling to keep their cool and I honestly related to that sentiment while in my turbulent relationship. The first four lines really encapsulate my habitual need to resolve tension as quickly as I can even if it means abandoning my own needs.

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"I feel like a flight attendant

On a plane that's going down

There's no need to panic

As we plummet towards the ground."


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