Meet Haile Ferrentino, a 12-Year-Old Artist Whose Illustrations Will Blow You Away

Haile Ferrentino is talented beyond her years.

The 12-year-old illustrator, who specializes in comic book-inspired art, has not only blown us away, but recently caught the eye of Joe Einhorn, the founder of Loot, a Brooklyn, New York-based comic shop for kids. The store not only sells comic books, but is teaching the next generation of artists (even amid the pandemic, during which they're offering free lessons and contests on their Instagram page).

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Learn how to draw on our ig live Manga Art Class for Beginners today Wednesday March 18 2020 at 1pm. EST

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Joe is actually the one who brought the young talent to our attention, and after scrolling through Haile's Instagram page, we absolutely needed to learn more about her and her career trajectory as barely a teen.

Keep reading to learn more about the rising artist.

Sweety High: How'd you get involved with Loot and what exactly do you do with them?

Haile Ferrentino: My mom read about Loot and then direct messaged Joe about visiting. I went with my brother and read comic books, which was really cool. I then participated in a superhero drawing contest and a comic book drawing activity sponsored by Loot, both of which I really enjoyed.

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SH: When did you realize you were a talented artist?

HF: I've always loved making art, and my friends were always encouraging me and complimenting me, which made me want to do better. Last summer, I went to Interlochen Arts Academy, where I learned many painting techniques and made new friends who were also interested in art. I enjoy creating things.

SH: Is art what you want to pursue as a full-time career when you grow up?

HF: I hope to pursue something creative as a full-time career but I'm not sure what yet.

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SH: Who are some local rising artists you admire and some who are more well-known around the world?

HF: I mostly follow artists on Instagram. My current favorite Instagram accounts are @lavendertowne, @Itslopez, @Ingridcomics, @Uru.chan and @Jyundee.


SH: What's your specialty when it comes to designing art?

HF: Digital character design is my specialty.


SH: What's the most exciting thing that's happened in your short career thus far?

HF: I designed a poster for my school's holiday concert and I was one of the winners of Loot's superhero drawing contest.

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SH: Anything else you want to add about Loot or your artwork? Can people purchase your items?

HF: Loot is very unique and the owner Joe has always been very supportive of my art. It's a cool space where I can go and read comics and create. People cannot yet purchase my items but I've been considering it.


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