If Hailee Steinfeld Isn't Your Fav Yet, Just Read This

Hailee Steinfeld is kind of a big deal, and she had a huge weekend at the box office AND the Billboard Music Awards red carpet. If you don't know Hailee yet, here's why she should be your instant fav.

Hailee's big screen debut was as the gunslinging, butt-kicking teen cowgirl Mattie Ross in True Grit


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But a lot of us spotted Hailee for the first time when she appeared in a 2009 Kmart commercial that taught us the meaning of the word "blingatude"

She's was the youngest-ever face of Miu Miu apparel and got to model while stuffing her face with pizza. Sounds like the life.

hailee steinfeld as the face of miu miu

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Her role as Petra in Ender's Game gave her major sci-fi cred

And anime fans should be on lookout to hear Hailee voicing Anna in When Marnie Was There (by Studio Ghibli, creators of classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away)

She's a skillful musician who got personal spin lessons from the master, Joe Jonas

hailee steinfeld and us the duo get djing lessons from joe jonas

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Plus her voice is PERFECT. She plays the new Bella, Emily Junk, in Pitch Perfect 2 and blows everyone out of the water with her version of Jessie J's "Flashlight."

She joined the rest of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast to crash The Voice last week and was flawless in the process

hailee steinfeld in adam levines chair on the voice

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We're jealous that she's personal friends with Taylor Swift

hailee steinfeld and taylor swift hanging out

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Her 2015 BBMA style was ON POINT.

hailee steinfeld at bbmas 2015

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And, of course, she was in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video (x3) as a group of triplets with strange healing powers called The Trinity

hailee steinfeld as the trinity in taylor swifts bad blood music video

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Why is Hailee your latest girl crush? Share your thoughts in the comments!