HAIM's Latest Single Proves Their New Album Won't Disappoint

As one of the most anticipated albums of the year, HAIM's Something to Tell You is already proving to be a worthy contender for best album of 2017 ahead of its July 7 debut.

With three singles now released from their record, we have a strong sense of the album's overall vibe, but we're definitely hungry for more.

"Little of Your Love" is the group's most recent drop and it's kicking off our fave New Music Friday tunes from the week.

Keep scrolling to give HAIM's fresh track a listen, plus some tunes by a few other artists.

1. "Little of Your Love" by HAIM

There's something so familiar yet unique about this song by the group. Its encouraging lyrics leave you feeling hopeful and optimistic. Definitely a song to turn to when you need a boost of confidence.


2. "Giants" by Lights

Lights has ventured down the road not many other artists have by releasing a comic book to coincide with the drop of her new album Skin & Earth. Much like the comic of the same name, the album has a clear story. Her first single from the record, "Giants," sets up all that is to come and we couldn't be more stoked.


3. "Moonlight" by Grace VanderWaal

There is something so special about America's Got Talent season 11 winner Grace VanderWaal. Pure and innocent, yet full of conviction and confidence, her music speaks for itself. Though only 13 years old, her storytelling capabilities are well beyond her years as evident in her new song "Moonlight."


4. "Keep Me Sane" by Kacy Hill

Listening to Kacy Hill's "Keep Me Sane" is like a dream. With her incredible vocals, you'll feel, well, sane. It's very comforting and a tune you can find peace in, which you'll only understand if you listen to it.


5. "Overnight" by Parcels

Produced by Daft Punk, Parcels' "Overnight" is nothing short of groovy. We were transported to a '70s disco the second we pressed play. The song is easy to listen to and sort of puts you in a productive mood.


6. "Against the Grain" by Peppina

We're thoroughly obsessed with indie pop artist Peppina, especially after listening to her enticing new EP Spark. It's a straight up masterpiece and we can't wait for more from this girl. While every song off her EP is magic, we're really feeling the message behind "Agains the Grain."


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