Discover How One Hairstylist Created This Magical Disney Princess Hair Art

Cleveland-based hairstylist DJ Victory is a master when it comes to hair art.

She's crafted the most intricate designs that are unlike anything you've ever seen before. From Disney Princesses to notable celebrities, you name it, DJ has created magnificent pieces of work with a little help from some extensions and hair dye.

DJ Victory Cinderella and Lady Gaga as David Bowie hair art

(Photo Credit: DJ Victory)

DJ revealed exclusively to Sweety High how she comes up with her designs and the process of creating them.

She even gave some must-follow tips for those of you who are ready to take your hair color to the extreme. Keep scrolling to discover exactly what they are.

Sweety High: What's been your favorite design you've created thus far?

DJ Victory: My tie-dye design started all of it, so I would say that one. That's how I came about using icing bags to apply color to the hair to get all of the different designs and faces that I've done.

Tie-dye hair design from DJ Victory

(Photo Credit: DJ Victory)


SH: How long does it usually take for you to come up with a design and then execute it?

DV: I'll come up with ideas at random times, usually as I'm about to fall asleep. When I actually sit down to finish a piece, depending on the detail, it can take up to four hours. I usually don't do it all at once though.

The Little Mermaid Ariel inspired hair art from DJ Victory

(Photo Credit: DJ Victory)


SH: What inspired you to create your hair art?

DV: I was inspired by a photo of a plaid neck tie in a catalog that my husband had laying around. The colors and the pattern were so amazing that I kept staring at it thinking it would be so amazing on hair. I started experimenting with different applications and techniques. From there, the rest is hair painting history!


SH: What's the best way to take care of your hair that will prevent further damage after you've dyed it?

DV: Getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis is key. Always make sure you're going to a licensed professional hair stylist, too.


SH: Which hair color do you think really looks good on everyone?

DV: I believe that people should wear whatever color they feel comfortable in. I can make recommendations and give my advice freely, but in the end, it's what you like that matters.

Green, purple and blue colored hair styled in two different ways

(Photo Credit: DJ Victory)


SH: Which colors do you recommend for a beginner?

DV: I think a semi-permanent color would be a great start for someone who wants to try out a color or go darker. The reason being is that a semi eventually fades out, as opposed to a permanent color. If someone wanted to go lighter, maybe start with a few randomly-placed, hand-painted highlights.


SH: How often do you color your hair?

DV: I have one of my friends lighten my hair every four to six weeks, sometimes even longer.

DJ Victory flower hair stencil pattern

(Photo Credit: DJ Victory)


SH: Which color is your favorite for your hair?

DV: I'm personally a bleach blonde lover! I'm naturally pretty light, but I started highlighting my hair when I was 19 years old, and from that point on I've gotten progressively whiter and lighter. I love cool tones on myself.


SH: What does your daily hair routine look like? What's your go-to hairstyle?

DV: It's a great day if I'm even able to wash my own hair! I'm all about the messy bun. Less than a minute and you're done.

Messy top bun on hair stylist DJ Victory

(Photo Credit: DJ Victory)


SH: Have you had any regrets about any of the styles you've tried?

DV: Not really! I have had every length from pixie to the middle of my back. I like my hair short and long. Hmmm, maybe I should try a mullet????? It's so fun to play with your hair, because it is by far your very best accessory! Your options are endless.


Don't forget to follow DJ on Instagram to see the rest of her spectacular hair creations!


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