6 Simple Steps To The Perfect Hair Bow Bun!

Cute Snow White inspired bow bun tutorial

Meet Amanda, one of our editors at Sweety High and a serious beauty novice. This week, she came to us with a style emergency.

Amanda every day look hair bow bun

"I don't ever wear makeup and I hate doing anything with my hair, but I need a fun solution for special occasions that doesn't take a lot of time and is simple enough for even a style dummy like me to figure out."

We had the answer with this cute hair bow bun. Reluctantly, she agreed to be our guinea pig. There's nothing wrong with the classic bun look, but you see it everywhere and frankly, we're bored with it. Where's the flair?

On the other hand, the hair bow may look complicated, but requires just a single elastic hairband and a minute of your time. Even if you're not in love with doing your hair, it's a breeze.

Amanda shows off her bow bun tutorial inspired by Snow White

1. Gather all of your hair on the top of your head and start a ponytail with your favorite elastic hair tie.

2. Loop your hair through the elastic and on the last pull through, don't pull your hair all the way through and instead create a loop, leaving the ends of your hair pointing toward your forehead.

3. Divide your loop into two halves

4. Take the ends of your hair and fold it back through the space in your two looped halves, creating the center "knot" part of the bow

5. Secure the ends in the elastic behind the bow in the back of your head.

6. Fluff up your bow by spreading out the loops and gently tugging them tighter and the look is complete!

After just a minute of wrangling, Amanda was left with the perfect hair bow bun! Her black hair was giving us some Snow White vibes with a super cute and updated take, comboing her cute bow into the easiest bun of all time. Do you see the resemblance?

Snow White compared to Amanda's bow bun tutorial hair cut


"I was stunned how easy it was to turn my hair into a big bouncy bow. It actually suits my look and I definitely see myself pulling this style out when my casual look won't do."

If you love the look, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we'll bring you even more cute, simple styles. You can share photos of your own results at Sweety High.