4 Hair Detanglers That Smell as Good as They Work

If there's one thing that staying inside has drastically helped, it's been our hair.

Since we haven't been going out, there's been no need to use hot tools, meaning our hair has never been healthier. In order to keep our locks as hydrated as possible, now more than ever we need to use the best of the best when it comes to hair products. Detanglers specifically are hard to come by, but after months of searching, we've struck gold. Keep scrolling for four hair detanglers that smell as good as they work:

Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner: $17.99

First things first, the packaging of this leave-in conditioner from Daily Dose is major goals, so we were more than willing to try it out. The pump makes it easy to spray on all areas of your hair and works seamlessly. Whether you have fine, wavy, curly, coily or textured hair, this will work. All it takes is a few sprays of this delicious citrus-scented product and you'll be left with easy-to-manage hair.

hair detangler

(via Daily Dose)


Odele Beauty Leave In Conditioner: $11.99

If you're not one for overly-scented products, Odele's leave-in conditioner has your name written all over it. The scent can best be described as clean, as it's made up of 100% natural balanced ingredients. This woman-owned and operated company not only cares about hair, but all types of hair. They recommend that people with wavy, curly, coarse and super dry hair use this product.

hair detangler

(via Odele Beauty)


Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-In Hair Treatment Spray: $28

If you want to walk into a room and have people throw compliments your way about how good you smell, Pureology's treatment spray will allow for just that to happen. Made with a mixture of rose, floral ginger and cedarwood, this spray not only protects hair from breakage and split ends, but it also adds shine and protects from heat damage.

hair detangler

(via Pureology)


Voloom Knot-A-Problem Detangler: $19.95

Do you consider yourself to be a beach girl at heart? Voloom's detangler will transport you to the ocean with the delicious scent of coconut. If you have fine, thin or straight hair, or simply just don't like heavy products, this one is undoubtedly for you. Made with active botanicals and healthy vitamins, your hair will seriously thank you.

hair detangler

(via Voloom)


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