It's the Season of Brightly Dyed Hair— And Here Are the Top Colors to Try

Are you tired of your natural hair color?

If you're reading this, take this as a sign that today is the day to consider switching it up. After all, it's the season to try a bright new hair color, whether you want to go permanent and mix and match your wildly colored hair with funky yet fashionable pieces, or even go with a temporary dye. Whatever boat you're in, keep reading for some of our favorite styles and colors of the season for a little inspiration.


If you are thinking that bright, rainbow-colored hair might be too big of a step, platinum might be the color for you. It may not be blue or pink, but it's more than bright enough for this spring and summer, and looks super cute no matter which way you cut it.

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Dyed hair isn't for girls, and one of our favorite examples is skater and Gossip Girl actor Evan Mock, who proudly rocks his pink head of hair. He's not afraid to style it with bold colors and crazy patterned clothes. In fact, we think colored hair is pretty unisex-y.

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Don't think we aren't plucking great beauty and fashion trends from the catwalk, because we definitely are. The runway has plenty of inspiration when it comes to all things creative. If the models can do colorful hair, so can you.

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If Saweetie is going to do anything, it's dye her hair a bold, eye-catching color. If you are blessed with already light hair, achieving bright colors will be no problem, but if you are someone with dark strands, dying your hair blonde first will definitely give better results. Happy hair dyeing.

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Light, Yet Bright

If you want something not so pigmented, lighter shades are always an option. Light colors can still be colorful and fun without pushing the envelope too far. They're subtle, yet just as bright.

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In the past, having your roots grow back in with their natural color was always a tragedy, but with modern two-toned root looks, we can actually make the most of them. If your hair grows fast, let those roots shine through and contrast with your boldly dyed tips—and if you don't love the way it looks, just touch up your roots for a fast fix.

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Golden Copper

If you're going for something totally iconic, we can't recommend a golden copper hue enough. We love playing with shades that aren't your natural color, but still look natural. They give you a fresh look and allow you to play around with a different identity. We absolutely love Barbie Ferreira's strawberry blonde hair—a big switch-up from his naturally dark locks.


If dyeing your hair has made it extra dry or frizzy, click HERE for some top tips from lifestyle guru and dae beauty founder Amber Fillerup.