6 Hair Expectation Vs. Reality Scenarios Almost Every Girl Can Relate to on a Deep Level

We wish our hair could look ???? all day, every day, but sometimes it's just not possible. I mean, it's not like we're Disney princesses or something.

But as fairy tale magic would have it, we are sucked in to believing the luscious locks on these fictional females are totes the norm. That's why we're always in for a letdown when we face the sometimes-daily reality of our messy manes.

If you've ever had a major hair struggle, then raise your hand and be prepared to nod in total agreement as you scroll through these expectation vs. reality hair scenarios below! ????

Waking Up in the Morning

Jasmine and Laura Marano waking up in the morning

(via Walt Disney Pictures and Disney Channel)

Expectation: Your hair is perfectly straight, no flyaways and you don't even have to comb through it. Life is fab!

Reality: Your hair is a tangled mess. It looks like a bird landed in it and built their nest. Oy vey.

Brushing Your Hair

Rapunzel and Laura Marano brushing hair

(via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Disney Channel)

Expectation: Brushing your hair is a piece of cake! It only takes seconds and your hair is shinier than ever after only a few strokes. Everything is sunshine and rainbows!

Reality: You can't make it through one stroke without your locks getting caught in your brush. You pull out a chunk of hair by mistake.

Blowdrying Your Hair

Rapunzel and Meredith straight vs. curly hair

(via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Expectation: Blowdrying your hair is no challenge for you! It's quick, easy and when you're finished it looks like you stepped straight out of a Pantene commercial.

Reality: Your. Worst. Nightmare. Blowdrying your hair takes hours, and no matter how careful you are with your round brush, your end result is always one big, fluffy mess.

Fighting the Wind

Pocahontas and Laura Marano hair with leaves in it

(via Buena Vista Pictures and Disney Channel)

Expectation: If you walk out into a wind storm you will look just as majestic as Pocahontas. Your hair will flow in the wind, and leaves and flowers will float pass your face giving you the most enchanted look.

Reality: The second you walk out into the wind, your hair will get stuck in your mouth and you will be unable to see. Leaves and flowers will end up knotted into your hair. Good luck getting those out. ?

Using Hair Spray

Belle and Ariel in different weather conditions

(via Buena Vista Pictures)

Expectation: Your hair spray does exactly what it says it will do—it holds your hair in place. Even when you have to face unfavorable weather conditions, your hair remains beautifully intact.

Reality: The second you walk outside your hair goes totally flat. It doesn't matter how much hair spray you used.?

Working a Messy Up-Do

Tiana and Laura Marano with a messy updo

(via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Disney Channel)

Expectation: When you don't have time to fuss with your hair, you can throw it up in a knot, let a few strands hang down and rock a messy, sophisticated look.

Reality: You throw your hair up in a knot, and instead of looking sophisticated, it looks like you just woke up. Not what you were going for!


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