Easy Ways to Save Your Hair From the Rain and Snow

Rain and snow can make our hair sing the winter blues.

It's bad enough that the temperatures have dropped, we now have to get creative about how to tame our tresses. Read on for the best hacks to save your hair from the rain and snow!

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Start With the Basics: Shampoo

"The key to protecting your hair from rain and snow lies within the products you use to seal the cuticle down," says hair guru Jesse German from the chic Martinez-Samuel Salon in West Hollywood, California.

He also suggests a good blow dry with a no-frizz shampoo—one that will lock in humidity and create a barrier from the dreary wet weather.  

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Add a Leave-in Treatment

After you've created a clean canvas with your shampoo, towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner or treatment. Jesse says it's important to follow this step before a blow dry, in order to "create a locked in smoothness and shine to shield against the elements." He goes on to explain that this will also protect the hair from the heat of the blow dryer. This helps avoid damage to your hair when you style it.

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Add a Finishing Product

After a good style and blowdry, it's important to add a finishing product. Our expert likes anti-humidity sprays and says they work wonders to shield your mane from the elements. Some of these products can lock in your style and combat frizz on even the wettest days. If you have very short hair, you can also try a molding clay. A medium hold will do, and it can protect you against rain without weighing hair down.

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The above hacks should work wonders for your winter hair. Nevertheless, the elements can get the best of us. Don't be shy about protecting your newly blow dried hair with a hat, beanie or hoodie if the snow and rain get to be too much. You always want to keep your hairstyle dry so that it has some holding power.


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