An Expert Reveals One of the Biggest Misconceptions About Hair Care

Like many of you, I can't go a day without scrolling through Instagram to see a model with a bottle of hair supplements in her hand.

As someone who is always researching new health trends, I've wondered if such vitamins are actually worth an investment. I'm currently going through a phase where I've tortured my hair enough with highlighting (blondes will understand) and continual heat that's completely fried my ends and caused breakage. I started seeking a cure, so I turned off my straightener and headed online with the hopes of finding a magical product that would repair all of my hair troubles.

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I recently chatted with Walter Faulstroh, founder of Hum Nutrition—the brand just launched its new Hair Sweet Hair gummies—and he gave us the real deal about hair care and its biggest misconception (spoiler alert: We are super bummed about this one).

"Once your hair grows out, it's dead," Walter told Sweety High at the new product's chic launch party at Society Salon in West Hollywood, California. "So, if it's colored too much, there's not a supplement that will fix it; however, for the new hair that's growing, you can make it grow faster and stronger."

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Walter encourages his latest supplements in particular because they include biotin, folic acid, zinc and other top-tier nutrients you need to maintain stronger, healthier hair.

"From a nutritional point of view, you should have lots of greens in your diet to get certain supplements," he says, "and if you don't, then include biotin in your diet."

In case you are unfamiliar, the Sephora-friendly brand has a total of 28 all-natural supplements, which also include Big Chill (aids in keeping you calm and stress-free), Killer Nails (supports stronger nails), Uber Energy (supports consistent energy through adrenal strength) and Daily Cleanse (helps clear skin and body from toxins).

"The quality is really, really different," Walter says, comparing his products to other supplements on the market. "Everything is made in California. A lot of research goes into making them, so it's a really thoughtful process and it's a really fun brand. Everything is happy and everything is positive. A lot of science goes into it, but we want the brand to be fun and lighthearted."

If you aspire to fix any beauty blunders, the brand makes it so easy. You simply head to their website to take a quiz, and your quiz is sent to a nutritionist who makes a personalized supplement regimen for you. Give the process a go for 4-8 weeks, and hopefully you'll see the results you want—I'm on week two, and thinking positive!


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