The Right Order to Apply Your Hair Products, From Start to Finish

So you're a pro at layering your skincare products, but did you know that it's equally as important to make sure you're applying your hair products in the correct order?

Yep, there's a trick to applying your hair products to optimize their performance. So, for maximum efficacy and to protect the strength of your strands, use your hair products in the order below to make the most out of your mane!

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Any good hairstyle starts with a clean foundation, so a nice shampoo is in order. Make sure you're using the right shampoo for your hair type, especially if you have thin strands and want volume or have color-treated hair.

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A rinse-out conditioner is a must to hydrate your ends and add much-needed moisture back into your strands. Rinse-out conditioners should be done every time you wash, unless you're doing a hair mask, in which case you would skip this step and go straight to the mask.


Deep Conditioning Mask

A deep conditioning mask is a good idea once or twice a week, especially if your hair type is dry, you use heat styling tools often or you color your hair. Deep conditioning masks work best on damp hair (not soaking wet, so it's best to squeeze out any excess water and towel dry before applying a deep conditioning mask.


Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners tend to be a bit heavier consistency in spray form to provide hydration that lasts all day. These, too, are great for people with dry hair, but remember not to overdo the conditioning because it can weigh down the hair and make it super flat with no volume. Use your leave-in conditioners on days when you're using rinse out conditioner, and skip the days when you're doing a deep conditioning mask.

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Blow Dry Cream or Straightening Cream

Next it's time for blow dry cream or straightening cream. These products are made specifically to help your hair for blow drys or straight hair looks, so if you're not doing either of these, skip these products. Also, let your hair air dry for 10-15 minutes (if time allows) before you start blow drying. And if you air-dry your hair 100%, skip this step altogether, too.



For girls who want volume, mousse will be your BFF. Mousse is great for girls with fine or thin hair who want body. Mousse can also work well to help define curls. It's best to apply mousse to damp hair as well, and work into the root and mid-shaft for maximum efficacy.


Hair Oil

We also suggest putting on a little bit of hair oil before you use the blow dryer. You can also use hair oil as the very final step after styling to make your ends look fresh and shiny. Remember not to apply too much! Your hair can easily turn into an oil slick and look greasy.

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Salt or Sugar Spray

Once you've blow-dried, styled, or let your hair dry, it's time for salt or sugar spray. These are our fave products because they add cool girl gritty texture for that lived-in look.


Gel or Pomade

If you're going for a snatched pony look, have unruly baby hairs or want to use a bit of pomade on your ends for added texture, now's the time to put the finishing touches on with gel or pomade.



The final step is hairspray. If you've curled or straightened your hair and want it to last all day, a light spritz of hairspray will keep it in place.


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