Which Celeb-Inspired Hair Color Should You Try This Summer?

Summer is almost here, and if you're thinking about a drastic style change, why not start with a little hair color? Whether you want to dye, chalk, or even buy a wig, bold colors are in. Check out these celeb styles in every color of the rainbow for some inspiration before you make your pick!


If you're going for something ultra-girly, pink might just be the color for you. Hot pinks are perfect for a rocker look, while pastels can give you an otherworldly aura.


For an extra bold look, go with a fiery shade of red. People won't be able to look away.


Neon oranges are great if you're on the lookout for something a little more daring than the traditional redhead look. It can really make your complexion pop!


They say blondes have more fun. Test out the theory with an ultra yellow look that's sure to turn heads.


Green hair isn't for the faint of heart, but it always makes a statement. It's probably the most audacious of the hair colors!


Blue is the perfect wacky dye for gals with naturally black hair to test out.  There are so many shades that you're guaranteed to find one that suits you to a tee.


Purple is another super feminine color that's also super chic. Greyer hues are totally classy, while dark shades are strikingly chic.

Which bold color is totally irresistible to you? Let us know in the comments below and share your own hair pics with us at SweetyHigh.com.