Hate Hair Wash Days But Love to Work Out? An Expert Gives Us Some Advice

Do you ever get stressed about figuring out your hair wash schedule?

Whether we have an upcoming date or fancy event, there'always the struggle of deciding when the best day to wash our hair actually is. And that's all made even more difficult if we work out! Having perpetually sweaty hair is no fun, and most of us don't want to wash our hair every single day. That's why we spoke with Maya Smith, licensed cosmetologist and CEO/founder of The Doux, a hair care brand. Continue below for our interview with Maya where she gives us all of the tips and tricks to maintaining good hair while also working out.

Sweety High: What's the best way to wear our hair while working out if we don't want to wash it that day?

Maya Smith: Ponytails are great because they keep the hair compressed, which minimizes frizz. Tie your ponytail down with a headband or scarf, and keep it on until your hair dries. This will prevent the hair from swelling and creating unnecessary frizz.


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SH: If our scalp is sweaty after working out but we don't have time to wash it, what should we do?

MS: The best way to preserve a style after a workout is to leave your hair alone until it dries. Re-styling sweaty hair while it is wet causes frizz and compromises the performance of your styling products. It is best to wait until the scalp is completely dry, then re-style.


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SH: Is there a way to make our hair look less oily after working out?

MS: Dry shampoo is a good option to help absorb access oil.


SH: Does hair type matter? If so, can you please give some tips for each hair type?

MS: Hair type affects the way the hair responds to moisture and humidity. Curly and kinky hair tends to be more resilient after a workout because it is already in its naturally textured state. Fine, straight, and wavy textured hair typically needs to reduce the appearance of oil by shampooing more frequently.


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SH: How often should we wash our hair if we regularly work out?

MS: I recommend washing at least once a week, but there is no rule that says that you can't wash daily.


SH: When we do wash our hair, does it matter if we blow dry it or let it dry naturally?

MS: Choosing to air dry vs. blow dry really depends on the style you're wearing. Air dry for a softer finish and blowdry or diffuse if you want more volume and definition.


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SH: Are there any refreshing products you recommend between washes?

MS: GET HONEY Hair & Scalp Serum ($13.99) is my go-to for refreshing the scalp and relieving itching between washes.

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