What You Need to Know About YouTube Influencer and Entrepreneur Haley Pham

Haley Pham knows a thing or two about transforming your dreams into reality.

Best known for her viral YouTube channel with more than 2 million followers, she also has her own clothing line called Retro Reprise and a business podcast packed with motivational advice called "Call Me Candid." She's passionate about inspiring her fans to pursue whatever drives them—and she's majorly inspired us, too. We love Haley and had to learn more about her, and she told us everything we wanted to know in this interview.

Haley Pham Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Retro Reprise)

Name: Haley Pham Goodman

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Birthday: Dec. 5

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Fun Facts:

1. Haley hopes that sweatpants and crewneck sets never go out of style.

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2. She never leaves home without her Fussy Gloss Bomb by Fenty Beauty.

3. Not many people know this, but Haley is extremely shy in person.

4. She's seen Ella Enchanted more times than any other movie.

5. She'love to live in the fictional world of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory—or any movie with talking dogs.

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6. Brownie sundaes are her favorite dessert in the world.

7. She usually goes to Pinterest when she's in need of inspiration.

8. When friends come to Haley for help, it's usually for relationship advice.

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9. In the last year, she's learned an important lesson about human connection.

"Being able to love and connect with friends and strangers is the most important thing in life!"

-Haley Pham

10. She's super obsessed with the What We Said Podcast, and wishes more people knew about it.


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