Half-Court Shot Challenge At Kids' Choice Sports!

As part of the exciting countdown to the first-ever Kids' Choice Sports awards on July 17, fans can participate in an amazing half-court shot challenge to appear on the show!kids choice sports half-court shot challenge

On Saturday, July 12, 500 kids from California will be invited to compete in a sequence of half-court challenges. The winner of these challenges will get five change to take a half-court shot live during the awards show, and if they make one, they'll take home $50,000!

In addition to the awesome half-court shot contest, the event will feature a DJ, kiosks where fans will be able to vote for the Kids' Choice Sports awards, face painting stations, a chance to get virtually slimed in front of a green screen, and much more! It will be hosted by Figure It Out's Jeff Sutphen.

The challenge will take place at Westfield Culver City mall tomorrow, July 12! Kids to 10 to 15 are eligible to participate. If you plan to enter, just make sure to get in the registration line no later than 2pm!

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