5 Reasons Why Halloween Is the Best Holiday to Meet Someone

Without a doubt, there are powers larger than us working on Halloween. I'm convinced Cupid is already starting to plan for Valentine's Day in the fall.

Take full advantage of this magical day by learning how to make the most  of your built-in opportunities for romance.

Not sure what we mean? Keep scrolling for five reasons why Halloween is the best holiday to meet someone!

1. It's a Chance for People to See You in a Different Way

When you dress up for Halloween, you don't have to worry about what people think. If you and your friends are known for being the stars of the soccer team who rock track pants daily, surprise people by going full glam and dressing as Beyoncé. If you tend to fly under the radar at school, a funny costume could be a way for a classmate to see a side they wouldn't know from sitting behind you in math class.


2. Costumes Are a Great Excuse to Start a Conversation

Costumes inspired by song lyrics, viral videos, or your favorite TV show could be a good way to connect with someone new. Think long and hard about thought-provoking costumes related to current trends in pop culture and don't be afraid to push the envelope or go against the norm. Even if people are confused by what you're wearing, it'll still propel them to ask about it.

Also, this is the perfect time to get in on everyone else's convo. Everyone's busy planning their outfits and talking about what they want to be, so jump right in and share your creative ideas. If you overhear someone talking about an idea similar to what you were thinking, don't be afraid to chime in with your take on how to make that thought come to life!

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("Ew!" via NBC)


3. Spooky Activities Give People a Chance to Act Brave

Scary movies, haunted houses and pretty much all Halloween activities give people a chance to act brave and keep you from getting scared. Halloween is the perfect time to get a group together to go see a scary movie or visit a haunted house. Heart-racing experiences like this are something that can bond you and bring you closer.


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4. You Can Be Anyone You Want for a Night

Ever wonder would it would be like to rock black nails and a goth wig? Now's your chance. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to push your fashion boundaries, show off your DIY skills or practice your best British accent. Maybe you wear a mask and get to have full conversations with people before revealing yourself.

gossip girl halloween masquerade

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


5. There's No Pressure

Seriously, the whole purpose of Halloween is to have fun! There are no right or wrong costumes, and come next week, all of the Halloween pictures will stop flooding your IG feed. Believe in fate—if you dress as Meghan Markle, at the very least, you'll walk away with a cute picture if you stumble across Prince Harry at your party.  You could even pick the most popular song of the moment and dress as the singer—any time it comes on you have an excuse to get everyone dancing.

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Ready to start planning your costume?  HERE are some fun costume ideas for you and your BFF!