9 Ways to Detox After a Major Candy Binge

Ah, the day after Halloween (aka the day we feel sick from dawn 'til dusk, thanks to the surge of sugar in our system).

If you're anything like us, you probably overindulged a bit last night. There's nothing like savagely going through your trick-or-treat loot and eating all of your fave candies.


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But LBH—life is all about balance. So, with a major Halloween sugar high comes a much needed sugar detox. Below, we've rounded up the easiest ways to wean your body off of the sweet stuff.

1. Don't Skip Breakfast

A night spent gorging on chocolate and peanut butter might cause you to wake up feeling full the morning after. And while it may feel like you should skip breakfast because of all the mega calories consumed the night before, skipping breakfast is the worst thing to do. Aim for a low-sugar meal, like a hardboiled egg or a half an avocado. Because large quantities of sugar ultimately cause your blood sugar levels to drop, a healthy breakfast of protein will keep your energy up, especially if you have to be in a classroom all day.


2. Incorporate High Fiber Into Your Mealplan

You've got to get your digestive track moving, so reach for foods high in fiber to help clean out your gut. Chia seeds, a banana, broccoli or carrots should do the trick!

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3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Sugar tends to dehydrate us, so boost your hydration by fueling up on coconut water or another beverage high in electrolytes.

4. Load Up on Veggies

This goes without saying, but you really want to load up on veggies the days following a major candy binge to replenish all of the nutrients. The darker and leafier the green, the better! A good rule of thumb is try to eat the rainbow—and no, we're not talking about Skittles.

5. Opt for Soup

Soup is a great way to get vegetables and mineral-rich broth transported into your system quickly. It's also easier on the digestive tract than raw veggies, which is good after a night indulging on candy. Note: Creamy soups like tomato basil or clam chowder don't count.

6. Skip Unnecessary Carbs Today

Now we're not saying to eliminate carbs forever, but in the days following Halloween, it's good to lay off white carbohydrates like pasta, pastries and bread. These foods turn into sugar in the body, so it's basically the same thing as eating a ton of candy.

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7. Drink Tons of Water

Eating lots of sugar causes you to crave more sugar. Sugar is highly addicting, so you've got to break the cycle! Do this by drinking tons of water throughout the day. And if you feel a sugar craving coming on, just take another sip of good ol' H20.

8. Snack on Protein

…But when the sugar cravings won't go away, instead of dipping your hand in day-two candy, keep a healthy protein snack on hand, like pistachio halves or almonds.

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9. Sweat It Out

Exercise is always a good idea. Sweat out the sugary stuff by doing a high-intensity cycle class, or even a hot yoga class. Anything that gets you moving and your body sweating is a good way to flush out nasty toxins.

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