6 Must-Have Items for Any Halloween Costume

Consider this your Halloween costume checklist.

We know there are thousands of options, but there are certain things you'll likely need regardless of the look you're sporting.

Whether you're a witch, a devil, a pop star, a nerd or whatever else, scroll below for your Halloween must-haves.

1. Converse All-Stars

Classic Chuck Taylors (typically black or white) not only go with pretty much any standard costume, but they are incredibly comfortable. Even if you're a girl who likes to typically get dolled up, no one wants to be trekking around all night in clunky heels.


2. Some Kind of Temporary Hair Color Spray

Kylie Jenner may be all about her wigs, but let's be honest: A quality purchase of artificial hair does not come cheap. Ditch the wig and opt for a fun temporary hair color spray like our personal fave, Joico's Instatint, which comes in five different eye-catching shades. The color has some major staying power to get your through your night of candy-collecting, but it also comes out relatively easy in the shower. Regardless of your costume, you'll def want to use these colors to spice up your look!

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3. Heavy-Duty Makeup-Remover 

Whether you let that fake blood drip down your neck, you dress as a clown and cover your face entirely with paint, or you pile on the makeup to play a Kardashian, chances are you will be wearing more on your face than usual and will require some serious makeup-remover.


4. Super Glue

Costumes are always requiring much cut and paste action. Having a tiny tube of super glue with you will ensure everything stays in place.


5. Fake Eyelashes

Ah, fake eyelashes—the perfect accompaniment to any costume. Amplify those lashes and that getup with just a few quick steps.


6. Fake Blood

It wouldn't be a proper Halloween costume without a little fake blood, right? No matter what you dress as, play dead for the night with some red, gooey goodness.
Now that you have your automatic Halloween needs list in check, get costume-inspired with THESE options of what to dress as with an all-girl group.