Unique Ways to Use Eyeliner This Halloween

Still trying to figure out your Halloween costume?

For low key babes who don't want to put a ton of thought into their costume, or don't want to shell out the big bucks on something you'll wear one night a year, all you need for a cool costume is… eyeliner! Liquid, pencil or powder—you choose.

Below, we've rounded up our favorite ways to dress up on All Hallows' Eve with just our trusty little stick.

Masquerade Makeup

Sure, you can buy a mask at a costume shop. But you know what's even cooler? Drawing on your own masquerade mask with makeup! You can keep it simple with just black, or even add in fun colors.

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Channel your inner '60s siren and go as the fashion icon Twiggy. This look is so easy to emulate—just create dramatic, fake lashes with your eyeliner on the bottom lash line. Extra points if you have a blonde pixie!


Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is a Halloween favorite of ours, mainly because she's so spooky and the costume is easy. Give yourself some braids, draw on a widow's peak and use your black liner as a lip liner—viola!


Black Swan

Black Swan was the hottest costume a few years back, but now that the craze has died down, we think it's time to bring it back out! Smudged black eyes and a tutu should do the trick.


Pop Art

If you're in the mood for something really unique, why don't you turn yourself into a real-life Roy Lichtenstein piece? Use the liner to create graphic shapes and exaggerate your normal expressions.


Charlie Chaplin

Tomboys rejoice! Wear a suit, draw on a fake, tiny stache with your liner and go as Charlie Chaplin.


Skull or Day of the Dead

Just one scroll through #skullmakeup on Instagram and you're sure to see some pretty insane makeup skills. But don't be scared—even if you're not a seasoned pro, you can still do skull makeup! Just keep the artwork to a minimum and ditch the white face makeup.

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Classic Cat

No lie, a cat costume can be #basic. However, if you create cat makeup, it's a whole different story! We're digging the dramatic eyes and filled in nose + whiskers.

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Jack Sparrow

Feeling like channeling your inner Captain Jack Sparrow? All you need is a killer wig and some eyeliner. Rim your eyes with loads of black, and then use brown liner to draw a mustache.



For a dark and creepy costume that takes little effort, be the webby woman!

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Another easy idea? Be a villain! All you have to do is use your liner to draw a black mask on your face. You could be a bank robber, plotting a jewelry heist, or even the hamburglar!


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