Halloween Costume Idea: Dress Up Like Sam and Carly from iCarly!

There is nothing like a little originality and creativity to score you some extra points when it comes to Halloween costumes. So instead of going the evil witch or cute cat route, here is another option that will have you getting recognized left and right when you go trick or treating this Halloween.

Nick News recently posted an article on how to dress up like Sam and Carly from iCarly and we thought we'd share.

Here are the must-have essentials for completing the look.

1. The Penny Tee: All you need is a shirt and some iron on letters. Here are some suggestions for phrases: "Maybe Gravy", "Rubber Toast", "Scuba Donkey", "Blueberry Socks", "Obese Hamster."

2. A Pear-shaped logo on your electronics: Say bye bye to your apple computer and stencil in a pear-shaped logo to get the look that Sam and Carly rock on their gadgets.

3. A videographer: Ask that guy you've been crushing on to follow you and your gal pal around with a camera. He might even end up revealing he has a crush on you too a la Sam and Freddie.

4. Buckets of Food: Sam has quite the appetite so if you are going to be her for Halloween make sure you carry around tons of food. We're talking about slabs of ham, potatoes, burgers, etc.

5. A Spaghetti Taco: Carly's favorite food is the infamous spaghetti taco. So get on the iCarly bus and whip yourself the classic meal to show off your fandom.

We love this idea that Nick.com cooked up- it's easy, fun, and delish! So start creating!