Here's the Perfect Type of Halloween Costume for You, Based on Your Personality

Picking a Halloween costume that is fun and cute, but also totally suits you, isn't easy.

The decision process should be happy, not stressful. Take all the guesswork out of selecting your Halloween look by finding the personality type that best suits you below.

The Planner: The Ambitious Cosplay

You have a strategic mind, and you've probably been planning for this Halloween since Nov. 1 of last year. Your dream costume is one that requires weeks of foresight, preparation and elbow grease. You'd never be satisfied with something off the shelf. Your costume should have a deeply personal meaning to you, and at least part of it will probably be a handmade prop that you couldn't find anywhere else.


The Innovator: The Deep Cut Costume

If there's anything you can't stand, it's being average or common. Your worst dream is showing up to a Halloween costume in the same costume as someone else. You need yours to be totally out of the box. It should be something that people would never expect but recognize immediately, like a super minor figure from a popular movie, or a TV show characters that just doesn't get enough love.


The Idealist: The Mythical Creature

You're someone who always sees the world in a positive light and dreams of what could be. Your costume will likely reflect that, as it gives you a chance to embody the mythical creature you'd like to become. Whether you are a unicorn, mermaid or some other glorious icon of the otherworldly, you're sure to make a splash.


The Poet: The Pun Costume

You're creative through and through, so you won't be satisfied with any old costume. Your look this year has to showcase your clever sense of wordplay, usually mashing up two different ideas from pop culture into one exquisite, totally punny ensemble. Those who get it will be your true friends at any Halloween party.


The Hero: The Superhero

You're someone who looks out for the little people and goes out of their way to do the right thing, and you shouldn't drop that just because it's Halloween. You should dress as a superhero, taking that heroism to the next step. Wonder Woman is a fine choice, but other, lesser-known heroes deserve their due, too, and you can make that happen.


The Free Spirit: The Lazy Costume

You just can't be pinned down, so it's no surprise that planning out an intricately detailed costume just isn't for you. Of course, that doesn't mean that you don't want to still be creative. Your costume should be low effort but high concept, especially because you'll probably wait until the last minute to figure it out.


The Pragmatist: The Classic Costume

Ever practical, you like to stick to the classic costumes. You love traditions and don't think there's anything wrong with being a regular old witch, vampire, ghost or werewolf for Halloween as long as you put in the effort and make it look good.

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The Protector: The Too-Cute Costume

You're the mom of your friend group and love coddling others, whether they're your friends, small children or adorable animals. You see Halloween as a chance to unleash the ultimate exercise in cuteness upon the world. Whether you dress as an adorable animal, Pokémon or person, we can already anticipate the "awwww"s.


The Boss: The Icon

As a natural-born leader, you'll want to dress up as someone with a powerful, immediately recognizable presence. Your totally iconic costume will let everyone in the room know that you're in the one in charge. Chances are you'll dress as a world leader, classic Hollywood actor or historical figure that everyone knows, and you'll own it.


The Helper: The Group Costume

You've always been a helpful person, and you enjoy few things more than you like putting a smile on someone's face by supporting them. This Halloween, show your friends you care by indulging in their group costume dreams. Your outfits will be way cuter if you work on them together and collaborate, and they'll be especially impactful when they all come together.


The Jack of All Trades: The Full-on Impersonation

You write, act, sew, sing, dance and craft, so why not bring all of those things together in your Halloween costume? For you, it's not just about the look—it's about the way you act in it. On top of looking just like a recognizable character, you're going to sound and act like them all night, too. Your friends will barely be able to distinguish you from the real thing.


The Entertainer: The Topical Costume

You love to amuse and inspire people. To do so, you usually keep up with the latest memes, food trends and celeb gossip, because being in the know gives you the upper hand. Why not incorporate that knowledge into your Halloween costume? Be something that only truly makes sense for October of this year. Timelessness is totally overrated.


The Adventurer: The Actually Terrifying Costume

Halloween is meant to be the spookiest holiday of the year, but not enough people actually embrace the scare factor. You're the bravest of them all, so you're not afraid to wear something a little gory and a lot terrifying. Who cares if clowns are going to be totally overplayed this year if you're going to be the scariest of them all?


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