9 Simple Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect for Girls With Glasses

If you can't see a thing without your glasses, Halloween can be a troublesome time.

Some costumes just don't have the same effect when you pair them with your specs, but that doesn't mean you have to stumble around in the dark on the big night. Glasses are actually the key to these nine awesome costumes.

Tina Belcher

We totally relate to Tina Belcher, and few costumes are easier to pull off. Simply pair your glasses with a light blue T-shirt, a short navy skirt, knee socks and Converse High Tops and you're pretty much ready to go. A yellow hairclip is the perfect simple touch to finish the look.

Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers sitting on park bench

(Bob's Burgers via Bento Box Entertainment)


Velma Dinkley

Velma from Scooby-Doo! is the original girl who can't see without her glasses. Her outfit is both comfy and cozy enough for a chilly Halloween night. Don an orange turtleneck and short maroon skirt, plus orange knee-high socks and red Mary Janes and you'll be ready to solve any Halloween mystery.

Velma Dinkley in Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Intro

(Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated via Warner Bros. Animation)



If your hometown is particularly freezing during Halloween, you may want to dress as Mei from OverwatchJust wear your warmest, fluffiest jacket with some blue leggings and a pair of Ugg boots to take on the coldest of climates. Put your hair in a bun with and accessorize with a pair of chopsticks and the costume will be complete.

Mei from Overwatch with ice powers

(via Blizzard Entertainment)


Wonder Woman

This may not be Wonder Woman's most iconic look, but it's still perfect for Halloween.

Wonder Woman in glasses disguise

(Wonder Woman via DC Films)

Start with a bowler hat and wear a white collared shirt underneath a grey or brown coat and long skirt. Complete with a brown leather belt, and if you're feeling extra ambitious, with some awesome Wonder Woman bracelets.

Wonder Woman's London disguise



Ready to get a little blue? Some blue face paint is a must if you want to capture the spirit of Sadness from Inside Out. You'll also want to wear a big knit turtleneck, dark blue pants and flats. If you can get away with it, you'll also want to dye your hair blue—or at least wear a blue wig—to play the part.

Sadness on the ground in Inside Out

(Inside Out via Walt Disney Pictures)



The eldest daughter from Despicable Me has a cute style that's easy to copy for Halloween. She wears an olive green jacket over a clownfish graphic tee and a plaid skirt. Red and white sneakers and a low pony complete the outfit. Honestly, this look is worth copying for school days, too.

Despicable Me Margo and Antonio

(Despicable Me 2 via Universal Pictures)


Dr. Princess

Being a doctor and a princess is our life goal, so it's hard not to love Adventure Time's Dr. Princess. Wear a costume doctor's lab coat over a long orange turtleneck dress and pair with black Mary Janes. A stethoscope is also a must. Bonus points if you can also pull off her dangling headband.

Adventure Time Dr. Princess taking care of penguin

(Adventure Time via Frederator Studios)


Honey Lemon

We love Honey Lemon's Big Hero 6 hero suit, but her street clothes are just as fabulous. Wear a yellow collared dress over white leggings with orange socks and yellow platform heels for the essentials of her look. Finish it off with a lab coat or long yellow cardigan, and don't forget to accessorize with a bright yellow headband and handbag (which doubles as a powerful chemical dispenser).

Honey Lemon showing off creation to Hiro in Big Hero 6

(Big Hero 6 via Walt Disney Pictures)


Barb Holland

We may not yet have true justice for Barb in Stranger Things, but we can remedy it by remembering her with an awesome Halloween costume. Start with a ruffled gingham top and pair with '80s mom jeans. Be sure to tuck the shirt in for maximum effect, and finish it off with a pair of white Keds. And if you can do something with your hair, whether it's a style or a wig that makes it look super short, it'll really sell the look.

Nancy and Barb in the school hall in Stranger Things

(Stranger Things via 21 Laps Entertainment)


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