A DIY Guru Reveals the Secret to Making Magical Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Get your scissors and craft supplies ready, because some serious DIY magic is about to go down.

This year, instead of picking up a conventional costume at the Halloween store, mix it up and get creative by making a one-of-a-kind costume of your own.

Lisa Frank Costume from Studio DIY

(via Studio DIY)

Lacking inspiration? No need to worry, we chatted with Kelly Mindell, founder of the creative lifestyle company, Studio DIY, to reveal her best-kept secrets about throwing together the cutest last minute costumes.

Scroll below to see how she thinks up her creative getups, and how you can create one of your own!

Sweety High: What inspired you to start making your DIY costumes?

Kelly Mindell: I wanted to make costumes that everyone could make, that you couldn't find in Halloween stores and that would be fun and appropriate for any occasion. I always handmade my costumes with my mom growing up, but I felt there was a huge void in the market for cute DIY costume ideas for teens and adults, so I decided to take it on, one food costume at a time!

Studio DIY Frozen Yogurt Costume

(via Studio DIY)


SH: In your opinion, what's the most rewarding aspect of making your own costume for Halloween as opposed to buying one?

KM: The best part about making your own costume is knowing you'll be the only one who will have it! Even if you use a tutorial, each and every version is 100% unique. (My favorite part is seeing everyone put their own spin on my DIYs.) It's also super fun to get together with friends and make costumes as a group. You can watch movies or decorate pumpkins, and really enjoy getting into the Halloween spirit.


SH: What is your favorite DIY costume to date?

KM: It's so hard to pick a favorite! It's gotta be a three-way tie between the cereal bowl, the burger costume and the one that started it all—the pineapple.

Burger, cereal and pineapple DIY costume

(via Studio DIY)


SH: What are some of your DIY costume staples? Where do you recommend buying costume materials?

KM: So many of my costumes start with a simple solid color dress. With felt adornments or a fun hat, you can really turn a dress into something awesome, but still be able to use it again and again after Halloween. We have a couple fun DIY accessories in our shop or you can stock up on costume staples like a hot glue gun, felt or card stock at your local craft store.


SH: What is the easiest DIY costume you have ever made?

KM: Our Mean Girls-inspired "Burn Book" costume was super easy! There are printouts for the letters and you just pop them onto a dress with some hem tape.

Burn Book Studio DIY Costume

(via Studio DIY)


SH: What costume would you recommend our readers make if they are in a bind?

KM: A frosted animal cookie! Since they're so popular this year, I love the idea of being one for Halloween. It's a perfect costume for a group, too, as each person can be a different animal and you can all get together to DIY the ears.

Animal cookie costume from Studio DIY

(via Studio DIY)


SH: We heard you recently just launched a DIY costume shop on your site. Congrats! How thrilled were you when it opened?

KM: I was SO excited to launch our new costume shop and so grateful for everyone's support and excitement about it. I wanted to stay true to the DIY element that my costumes always involve, but make it easier for everyone to make a costume themselves! I love that our dresses are so versatile and that all our accessories are removable so you can wear that dress 1,000 more times after Halloween. You can just add one of our hats (like our cute fruit one!) and be an instant citrus slice, or you can really get your DIY on and turn a tan dress into a pop tart.

Citrus and Poptart Costume

(via Studio DIY)


In the DIY mood now? Good! After you make your own unique Halloween costume, hop into the kitchen and create one of THESE spooky caramel apples.