8 Halloween Costumes You Can Do With Your Pet

Who needs a group Halloween costume when you can dress up with your pet?!

Sure, dressing up as the cast of Riverdale or The Avengers with your pals is fun, but it doesn't really compare to coordinating a look with your four-legged friends. For starters, dogs, cats and the like are always cute (hello, Instagram likes!), and you can really let your imagination run wild in terms of costume ideas. From famous duos to creative pairs, the options are endless.

If you're a movie fan, you can always opt for the classic Dorothy and Toto getup. TV more your thing? Try Sabrina and Salem.

For more costumes you can do with your pet, keep reading for some additional inspo:


For a basic Halloween costume that's bound to please, buy a pumpkin costume for yourself and one for your pet, and go ahead and pretend to be two of the cutest gourds around. Not only will everyone be able to instantly tell what you and your pet are dressed as, but since pumpkins vary in shapes and sizes, this getup is perfect for just about any pet, big or small.

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Dorothy and Toto

This is probably one of the more popular pet-oriented costumes, and with good reason. Not only is Dorothy an instantly recognizable movie character, with red slippers to boot, but being Toto requires minimal effort from your pet, meaning it's an ideal setup for dogs (or cats!) who aren't terribly fond of wearing a costume.

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Scooby and Shaggy

For a costume that's slightly more involved but no less iconic, try this classic mystery-solving duo. All you need to dress up as Shaggy is a pair of brown pants and a green shirt, and all Scooby—AKA your pet—needs to embody the famous cartoon dog is a green and yellow collar. Don't want to dress up as Shaggy? Make yourself into a box of Scooby Snacks instead!

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Sabrina and Salem

For the most part, cats generally aren't quite as amenable to getting into the Halloween spirit as dogs, but what cat wouldn't want a chance to "dress up" as Sabrina's witty and magical pal, Salem? And even though Salem is a black cat, any feline (or small dog, for that matter) can complete the costume so long as you have Sabrina's look down pat and have a spell book handy. Plus, with the upcoming Sabrina reboot, this costume is especially topical.

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An Avocado and Toast

If food is more your thing, why not enlist your pet to dress up as one of the most popular menu items around—avocado toast! Aside from being able to make a version of this costume with some markers and poster board (that is, if the felt costume route is out of the question), it's also pretty versatile. In other words, you can dress up as a piece of toast and dress your pet as an avocado, or take the avocado for yourself and have your pet be the toast.

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Another versatile option is just about any superhero you can think of. Dress your pet (or pets) up as a classic, including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as seen below, while you take on another popular hero like Spiderman, or opt for a heroic pair such as Cable and Deadpool. Because superheroes are one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018, you can rest assured knowing there will be plenty of pet and human options to choose from.

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These mythical creatures are another one of the most-searched costumes of 2018, and since all you really need to denote the horse-like animal is a horn and a splash of vibrant colors, it is a suitable costume for just about any pet  willing to get dressed up. What's more? Since unicorns are so popular, a snapshot of you and your little one dressed up as a pair of unicorns is bound to net you tons of Instagram likes.

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Fast Food Items

If you want to make a real statement about you and your pet, pick a fun fast food duo. Trick or treating with a dachshund? Dress little Fido as a hot dog while you rock a hamburger or ketchup costume. Going door-to-door with a Chihuahua? Be the hot sauce to your pet's taco. Other fast food-centric duos that can work include a burger and fries, sushi and wasabi or chicken and waffles.

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