9 Ridiculously Clever Halloween Costumes for You and Your S.O.

What's the best part about having a significant other during Halloween? Couples costumes, obviously.

If you've found yourself in a relationship during this spooky holiday, you've probably been thinking about the best way to wow your friends with an amazing matching ensemble for you and your S.O.

Well, look no further! Just scroll below for nine ridiculously clever couples costumes for you and your partner to try this Halloween.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde

Our first costume takes us into the world of Zootopia, where our favorite crime-fighting bunny and cunning fox await. This costume adds a fun spin on your average police officer outfit, and all you need to create a convincing Nick is a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of fox ears. Just make sure that you avoid any sloths, as they can really slow down your Halloween plans.


Pikachu and Ash

Pikachu, I choose you! This adorable costume will make your favorite Pokemon battles a reality, and who better to have on your team than your favorite partner-in-crime? The hardest part of putting this costume together will likely be obtaining a pair of Pikachu ears, but the end result will be well worth it. The best part? You don't have to catch 'em all when you've already caught the best one.


A Pirate and a Parrot

Rrrrarrr, Polly want a treat? This flashy combination is the perfect outfit to practice your crafting skills. Just buy a few (or many) colorful feathers and attach them to a red base to create the perfect pirate sidekick. After that, you just need to pick up a pirate costume from any Halloween supply store and you and your S.O. will be ready to brave the stormy seas searching for treasure—or candy.

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A Magician and a Rabbit

Magicians and rabbits go together like peanut butter and jelly, so what better outfit for you and your S.O. this Halloween? Both costumes are easy to put together and they create a classic combination. Maybe hold off on the magic, though. You wouldn't want to make your significant other disappear.



If you totally ship Bughead, this costume is for you. Transport you and your S.O. to the town of Riverdale with a slouchy hat and a cozy sweater, and top it all off by exchanging many loving glances throughout the night. There's no better way to celebrate the start of season two, and to show your support for this adorable couple.

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Double Stuf Oreos

For a costume that's both cute and clever, try this sweet take on a Double Stuf Oreo. On your own, both you and your partner are only one half of an Oreo. But together, you are double the fun! This outfit is sure to earn a few "awww"s throughout the night, and it give you and your S.O. a valid excuse to constantly hug each other.


Peter Pan and His Shadow

If you're ready to take a step into the shadows, this costume is simple and sure to make your friends laugh. All it takes to put this together is a fully black outfit and a Peter Pan costume—both of which are fairly easy to find. Just make sure you don't lose each other throughout the night! We all know how upsetting that is for Peter.

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Buddy the Elf and Maple Syrup

If you believe that syrup is one of the four main food groups, you need to try this hilarious costume. Finding an elf outfit shouldn't be too difficult, and dressing as maple syrup simply requires brown clothing and a printed label. We're not sure how we feel about syrup on spaghetti, but this costume is the right way to let everyone know that you and your S.O. can't live without each other.


Goldilocks and a Bear

Whether you think your S.O. is too hot, too cold or just right, this costume is the perfect couples outfit. Just grab a blonde wig and a set of bear ears and be prepared to spend your night munching on candy rather than porridge.


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