9 of the Craziest Halloween-Inspired Desserts You'll Ever See

'Tis the season to stuff our faces with candy until we pass out from a sugar overload.

If you're into spooky season as much as we are, you've definitely attempted to make (or have at least eaten) some crazy Halloween desserts. These days, people go all out—like all out. From an "It" cake that looks just like Pennywise, to a bloody brain cheesecake, we've seen it all. It looks like a crime scene just waiting to happen. Would you dare eat something so scary?

Below, check out nine of the craziest Halloween-inspired desserts you'll ever see:

Witch Fingers

These are so creepy looking, we'd be afraid they'd grab a hold of our throats mid-bite! However, we will say that it's quite innovative. And TBH, they're probably not half-bad, either.

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Spiderweb Cupcakes

This is a dessert we can get behind. The recipe is simple enough and all it requires is a steady hand. Our fave part is the marshmallow web—it's so creative and shows that a lot of effort was put into the process.

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Shattered Glass Cake

If you're not afraid to take a walk on the wild side, this dangerous cake has your name written all over it. The shattered sugar glass looks incredibly realistic that we'd be afraid to bite into it. Would you have the nerve?

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Eyeball Cookies

We're left wondering how that eyeball looks so real! Other than that, the cookie looks very tasty. We're always down for a classic chocolate chip dessert, especially one looking as fluffy as that.

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Cauldron Cupcakes

We're so into these witchy cauldron cupcakes. The combination of varying sprinkles and silly eyeballs makes for one spooky and tasty combination that we can't wait to try ourselves.

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Brain Cheesecake

Watch till the end of the video where bloody brains seep out of the center of the cake—it's downright chilling. Plus, who doesn't love cheesecake? It's an unexpected dessert in terms of Halloween food. 


Witch Cake Pops

These witch cake pops are merely identical to the wicked witch in Snow White, it's uncanny. We're sure that they come to life at night, so only the bravest of the brave should go for this eerie dessert.

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Stuffed Ghost Cookies

We had to include at least one cute dessert—after all, we're not all into the super spooky stuff! These ghost cookies are delightful and even stuffed with a yummy pumpkin cheesecake center. Delish.

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'It' Cake

This is quite frankly the most terrifying dessert we've ever seen or ever will see in our lives. It looks like the actual head of Pennywise, not an actual, edible cake. Thanks, but no thanks!

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