The 5 Cutest Halloween Souvenirs at Disneyland Right Now

Aside from the thrilling rides and the delicious treats, Disneyland is known for its magical souvenirs.

Every year, Disney rolls out a new line of absolutely must-have Halloween items.

Keep scrolling to see the cutest souvenirs that our fave amusement park has to offer this season!

Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket

This year's most popular souvenir is the ultra-creepy Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare Before Christmas in popcorn bucket form.


Poison Apple Mug

It may not have worked out for Snow White (spoiler alert!), but this poison apple mug is too cute to pass up!


Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Mug

This adorable keepsake is perfect for a warm latte or spiced apple cider. Cozy up with a book and something warm to drink to get into the fall spirit!

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Pumpkin Mickey Popcorn Bucket

What's more delicious than hot and buttery Disneyland popcorn? Answer: nothing. Pro tip: Reuse your this bucket at home for microwave popcorn to experience that Disney magic whenever you want!


Orange and Black Balloons

Sure, balloons aren't a lifelong keepsake, but these super adorable Mickey-shaped balloons are totally worth it.

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Once you have the perfect souvenir picked out, click HERE to plan what costume to wear to the park!