Halloween Dog Nail Art From Warren London Contest!

We've seen so many incredible Halloween nail art designs so far this year, but they don't quite compare to some of the amazing doggy nail art we stumbled upon. In 2012, Warren London held a Halloween nail art contest just for dogs, and the results were spectacular!warren london dog nail art first place nightmare before christmas

The first place winner in Warren London's contest featured some amazingly intricate The Nightmare Before Christmas details, surrounded by perfect pumpkins!

Second place took a sweet but simple approach with a row of friendly Frankenstein's monsters!warren london dog halloween nail art frankenstein

The third place winner also went with smiling jack-o-lanterns and they are just too cute!

warren london third place dog haloween nail art pumpkins

How these adorable doggies stayed still long enough not to destroy their nails is totally beyond us!

We had no idea dogs could get in on the Halloween nail art game, and even though these entries are a couple of years old, they're still groundbreaking in terms of nail art for pups!

A few more amazing entries are pictured below. Comment below with your favorite design and share your own Halloween nail art, canine or not, with us at Sweety High! Also be sure to check out the original source here!

dog nail art warren london