Halloween Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Wear Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know it's no easy feat to find—and wear—the perfect Halloween costume.

To see, or not to see? Keep reading to discover the struggles all glasses-wearers experience on Halloween.

1. If you want to see anything during the night, you'll have to select a costume that incorporates your glasses, severely limiting your options.

2. And when you finally do decide to dress as a bespectacled character, you usually realize that your glasses look nothing like theirs and that your costume will be totally off because of it.

3. Or, you can wear glasses in spite of the fact your character doesn't wear them, completely destroying the illusion of your costume.

Bob's Burgers: Louise, Tina and Gene's Halloween costumes

(Bob's Burgers via Bento Box Entertainment)

4. If you go down this route, you'll be reminded every five minutes that your character does not wear glasses and that you shouldn't be wearing them.

5. Effectively, you'll be forced into being the "nerd" version of the costume you actually want to wear every year.

Ghost wearing glasses in Halloween

(Halloween via Compass International)

6. There's no right way to wear a mask with glasses. You can try wearing them under the mask for maximum visibility, but that'll get uncomfortable fast. You can wear them outside the mask, but they won't be the right distance from your eyes, and of course your mask will look silly with your glasses on top of them.

7. And if your look incorporates some amazing eye makeup or unique face paint, it'll be obscured (and almost inevitably ruined) by your specs.

8. Of course, you can always ditch the glasses completely to wear the most authentic version of your costume, resulting in a total inability to see for the duration of the night.

9. If you're going glasses-less, you'll quickly discover the perils of stumbling around in the dark. You'll have to depend on friends to prevent you from bumping into bushes, tripping over curbs and walking into oncoming traffic.

Tina's glasses-less makeover on Bob's Burgers

(Bob's Burgers via Bento Box Entertainment)


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