The Wildest Lisa Frank-Inspired Halloween Makeup Looks

In case you haven't been following, we are Lisa Frankobsessed.

The playful and vibrant brand puts a smile on our face, and we'd gladly rock the apparel or tote throwback accessories around just to support the colorful cause.

To take our infatuation one step further, we want to learn how to apply Lisa Frank makeup just in time for Halloween. We haven't yet mastered the skills, but we're drawing inspiration from the following makeup artists who can maybe teach us a thing or two about their wild looks. ????????

This makeup artist pretty much nailed the signature Lisa Frank blue kitty.


And have you ever seen a more gorgeous Hunter lookalike? The matching onesie is the perfect add-on. 


This Lisa Frank skull look is on point for Halloween.


This Lisa Frank-inspired body art is just straight up wild. ????


If you want to keep your makeup subtle, you could do this half-leopard look. The colors are gorgeous, right?


For a truly chic look, try applying makeup only to your lips and eyes. They will pop


If you think you have what it takes to be a body artist, maybe try transforming yourself into Lisa Frankenstein. Crazy.


And finally, there's this sweet and sophisticated Lisa Frank minimalist makeup. You could totally pull this one off. 


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