Here's What You Can Expect to Find in a Halloween Oreo Egg

Oreo is earning quite the reputation for regularly releasing new, enticing and super tasty cookie flavors, but their newest treat comes in the form of a spooky egg.

No, it's not a cookie in the shape of an egg—though we're sure that would be delicious—but a chocolate eggshell filled with Oreo creme and chunks of chocolate Oreo cookie.

These beauties have technically been around since earlier this year, but these cutely decorated Halloween versions are more widely available. Of course, we had to get our hands on them to try for ourselves.

Oreo egg lineup: White ghost, purple vampire, orange pumpkin

To start, the packaging is seriously cute. It comes in three colors: a white ghost, a purple vampire and an orange jack-o'-lantern. Plus, the special packaging makes them perfect for giving away to trick-or-treaters. We want our candy baskets to be full of them by the end of the night.

Just peel apart the two tabs to reveal the shiny chocolate egg hidden within.

Oreo egg ghost egg open showing chocolate egg

Taking a bite exposes the filling. If you're an Oreo creme lover, you're in for a treat because this chocolate egg is all about the creme. Of course, there are also little bits of Oreo cookie sprinkled throughout—but the creme is still the star of the show.

Oreo egg ghost showing creme filling

Of course, this won't appeal to everyone. If you think Oreo is as much about the crispy cookie as the creme filling, you may find this cookie lacking. With only a sprinkling of cookie bits to provide some contrast, it gives the impression of a giant truffle rather than an Oreo treat.

But if you love all things sweet, it's tough to fault the Oreo egg. If you're an Oreo-lover, it's worth giving a taste.


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