The Cutest, Funniest and Most Outrageous Food Costumes This Halloween

You know that old, silly saying, "You are what you eat?" Well, this Halloween the statement can become reality.

If you're stumbling around trying to pick out the perfect costume for you, look no further than your pantry.

Scroll below to see 13 hilariously adorable costumes that will be the talk of the neighborhood come Halloween night.

Donut Costume: $30

This simple but cute getup is perfect for anyone who has an out of control sweet tooth.

Women's donut costume from Target

(via Target)


Cupcake Costume: $25.99

And this confetti-filled cupcake is basically a guaranteed conversation-starter with fellow trick-or-treaters.

Pink and blue cupcake costume

(via Costume Express)


Avocado Costume: $59.99

This avocado costume, is, well, nothing short of brilliant.

Adult avocado costume

(via Costumeish)



Kool Aid Costume: $139.99

And all we have to say about this is "OHHHH, YEAH!"

Kool Aid costume

(via Spirit)


Pizza Costume: $20

If you're a tried-and-true pizza lover, there is no doubt that this is the costume for you.

Pepperoni pizza costume

(via Target)


Nerds Costume: $23.99

But if you're more of a sweets girl, you'll probably want to go for this classically nerdy attire. ????

Nerds costume from Target

(via Target)


Frozen Treat Costume: $49.99

All you fro-yo and ice cream fanatics out there, the costume search is o-v-e-r. This is the only sweet wardrobe you should be rocking.

Frozen treat costume

(via Halloween Costumes)


Diet Coke Costume: $29.99

Do we have any soda fans out there? This adorable Diet Coke dress is so cute we'd almost wear it even without this occasion…

Diet Coke costume

(via Halloween Costumes)


Bacon Costume: $20.99

And, hello, when did bacon become so fashionable? All you have to do is get a bestie to dress up as a fried egg, and you've got yourself a hearty breakfast. ????

Bacon costume

(via Kohl's)


Taco Costume: $44.99

Let's taco 'bout how cute this is for any Chipotle-loving girl out there.

Taco costume

(via Super Costumes)



Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume: $29

If you don't want to go trick-or-treating solo All Hallows Eve', grab a friend and dress up as this hilarious pb&j combo.

Peanut butter and jelly costume

(via Buy Costumes)


Sriracha Costume: $28.95

If you love your food spicy, we know you'll appreciate this too-cute-for-words Sriracha outfit. Almost an exact replica of the actual bottle, if you ask us.

Hot sauce costume

(via Pure Costumes)


French Fries Costume: $29.99

And if you're looking to make everyone envious of your costume this year, just dress up as fries. You'll be craving an actual box by the end of the night, no doubt.

French fries costume

(via Buy Costumes)


Pineapple Costume: $44.99

Finally, if you want to just shock, amuse and be the life of your Halloween party, dress up as a pineapple. Because, c'mon, why not?

Pineapple costume

(via Buy Costumes)


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