These Hacks Will Take Your Pumpkin Carving Skills to a New Level

Thinking about carving a good ol' jack-o-lantern this Halloween?

If so, peep these 10 simple and clever hacks that will make your pumpkin carving experience top notch. ????

Girl drawing on a pumpkin

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1.  Cut Off the Bottom Instead of the Top

Correct us if we're wrong, but cutting off the top of a pumpkin is actually quite a hassle. Not only does the lid inevitably fall though, but it ends up smooshing the candle you've lit inside in the process. This year, cut off the bottom part of the pumpkin instead for easier access and less candle trauma.

The bottom of a pumpkin

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2. Use a Drill

Not too keen on using carving tools? That's okay! Grab a parent and a power tool and drill out your pumpkin masterpiece. You can keep it simple with drilled circles, or spruce it up with a floral design. It's really up to you, your imagination and that power tool.

Drilled pumpkins

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3. Scrape Out the Seeds With an Ice Cream Scooper

Scooping out pumpkin seeds is probably one of the gnarliest parts of carving a pumpkin. To avoid the mess, try digging out the seeds with an ice cream scooper this time around. It's a foolproof (and tidy) solution!

Scooping out pumpkin seeds with an ice cream scooper

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4. Cut Out Shapes Using a Cookie Cutter

If you're not skilled at sketching and carving out intricate shapes, simply grab a cookie cutter in the shape of your choice and use a mallet or hammer to push it all the way through your pumpkin. You'll have yourself a picture-perfect design in no time.

Using a cookie cutter to cut out a shape on a pumpkin

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5. Use Dry Erase Markers

Instead of using a permanent marker to sketch out your design before carving, use a wet or dry erase marker. This will allow you to draw and erase your design as many times as your heart desires. Mistakes happen!

Dry erase marker on a pumpkin

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6. If You Make a Mistake Use Toothpicks

As we said, goof-ups happen! If you cut out a piece of pumpkin by accident, you can easily repair it by using toothpicks to hold the broken pieces in place. Genius.

Someone fixing a pumpkin with toothpicks

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7. Use L.E.D. Lights or Glow Sticks

Not a fan of candles? Try something different this year by bringing your lantern to life with L.E.D. lights (which happen to be a lot safer than candles). If you really want to liven up your pumpkin, replace candles and lights with glow sticks. It's a fun way to add more color to your rather orange gourd.

Green glow stick inside of a candle

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8. Put Your Mr. Potato Head to Good Use

No need for carving tools in this case! Simply grab a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head and proceed to insert the spud accessories into your jack-o-lantern. Easiest (and funniest) way to decorate a pumpkin ever.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head on pumpkins

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9.  Sprinkle Cinnamon Inside the Pumpkin

This one's for all you pumpkin spice lovers out there. Before you light the candle in your pumpkin, dust your lid with cinnamon spice. The heat from the candle will disperse the cinnamon aroma. Mmmm. ????

Cinnamon sprinkled on a pumpkin top

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10. Preserve Your Pumpkin With Vaseline

If you want your pumpkin to last as long this spooktacular season, coat all areas where you carved with a layer of vaseline. This will keep it from drying out. Long live the pumpkin!

Vaseline on a pumpkin

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