9 Halloween Struggles We've All Experienced

Halloween can be a great deal of fun!

It's the one time of year that you can literally be anything you want, you can eat all the (free!) candy your little heart desires without getting into trouble and you have a chance to show off your creativity.

Best Friends Whenever stars are dressed up in costume during a Halloween episode

(Best Friends Whenever, via Disney Channel)

But that said, the popular fall holiday doesn't come without its qualms. Like, when there's so much hype associated with one big day, it only makes sense there are stressors attached to it.

Keep scrolling for nine struggles we've all experienced when it comes to Halloween:

1. We agonize over our plans for the big day. We worry either we'll end up stuck at home passing out candy or we'll be invited to so many parties or group trick-or-treat outings that we'll have to make a difficult decision.

2. We fear people won't understand our costume. It's one thing if we go as Pennywise or Wonder Woman, but if our dream is to go as our fave lesser-known TV character or as a specific profession, we stress over whether we'll be recognizable.

Wonder Woman costume

(via Spirit Halloween)

3. On that same token, if we do choose to go the more popular costume route, how do we take a unique spin so we don't look exactly like everyone else?

4. No one goes to bed early on Halloween, so why can't we all have Nov. 1 off from school?!

5. Celebrating with friends is one thing, but having to go to school in costume in front of all of our peers really puts our comfort level to the test.

Still of Cady Heron from Mean Girls at Halloween party dressed as an "ex-wife"

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

6. And going off of that, how do we know if we even should wear our costume to school?

7. Halloween costumes are time-consuming and expensive.

8. Even if we don't stay in to pass out candy, we beg and plead with mom and dad to have the best trick-or-treat selection on the block. Just because we're not there in person doesn't mean we don't want to be known as the house everyone wants to visit.

9. If we go the fake blood or gory costume look, how do we pull it off just right? It's not like we're professional makeup artists.

Halloween makeup

(via Ideas Para)


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