Halloween isn’t just about the candy.

There are tons of other frighteningly delicious treats the holiday inspires that are just waiting for your consumption.

Scroll below for 13 Halloween-themed donuts you’ll want to sink your teeth into ASAP:

Spider Donut

Dunkin’ Donuts got pretty crafty with their use of donut holes here. We’ve never been so excited to see a spider on our donut.

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Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Donuts

Name a more iconic Halloween duo, we’ll wait.

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‘Trick or Treat’ Donuts

No trick here, these donuts are a treat.

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Jack Skellington Donut

All hail the Pumpkin King!


Black Cat Donut

Don’t worry, Krispy Kreme’s black cat donut won’t bring you any bad luck, but it’ll definitely give you a sugar rush.


Pennywise Donut

This donut bites back.


Pumpkin Donut

It’s not Halloween until you chow down on a pumpkin donut.


Dracula Donut

Ve vant to eat this donut.


Graveyard Donut

Serve these at our funeral.

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Brain Donut

Talk about brain food.


Ghost Donut

Isn’t this the most boo-tiful donut you’ve ever seen?


Murdered Donut


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Candy Corn Donuts

Hopefully they taste better than actual candy corn.


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