Get Extra Spooky With These Glue-On Halloween-Themed Nails

Press-on nails are truly a genius invention.

They're easy to put on and feature cute designs for the artistically-challenged (aka me).

These are the Halloween-themed ones you need to get extra spooky this month ????. 

Red Glitter Nails: $ 4.98

Complete your devilishly adorable costume with these red glitter nails.

Salon Perfect red glitter nails

(via Walmart)


Spider Web Nails: $4.98

Weave a fantastically tangled web with these gorgeously painted spider web press-ons. No wicked witch costume is complete without them, TBH.

Salon Perfect spider web nails

(via Walmart)


Graveyard Halloween Nails: $10.13

Yes ladies, a graveyard scene can look good on your nails, and here's the proof.

Graveyard press-on nails

(via Etsy)


Skeleton Square Nails: $7.99

Skulls, bones and a glitter finish will go great with just about any undead party look you put together.

Claire's skeleton press-on nails

(via Claire's)


Haunted House Nails: $25.00

These haunted house scene nails are everything. They're a bit pricier, but the coffin shape and detailed design are more than worth it, we would say.

Easy haunted house nails

(via Etsy)


Blood Drip Press-On Nails: $8.10

These amazingly gory press-ons are dripping with blood and cuteness.

Blood drip press-on nails

(via Etsy)


Candy Corn Nails: $20.00

Not everyone is a candy corn fan, but if you're a lover of the sweet treat, these nails were made for you.

Etsy candy corn nails

(via Etsy)


Press-on nails are amazing because you never have to worry about chipping, amirite? But if you're going to rock a real manicure this month, follow THESE tips to make it last.