The Science Behind Chubby Hamster Cheeks

Our latest video pick of the week is not just adorable but super informative, revealing the science of hamsters. How exactly do hamsters put all of that food in their mouths? This handy clip reveals that secret and more, narrated by the incredible David Tennant of Doctor Who fame.

1. The hamster starts stuffing his little mouth. But this is only the beginning…

Adorable hamsters stuffs the first piece of food into his mouth
2. As he shoves more and more foodstuffs in his mouth, his cheeks stretch and stretchHamster prepares to shove more food in his mouth
3. An X-ray reveals that hamsters cheek pouches reach all the way back to their hips. Who knew?

Hamster X-ray reveals cheek pouches stretching to the hips
4. When he can't stuff his mouth anymore, he grabs the last, long carrot and makes his way toward his tube

When the hamster is done stuffing food, he picks up a carrot
5. It doesn't fit lengthwise. What will he do?

Hamster's carrot won't fit in the tube...
6. The little guy figures it all out, and brings his last snack back to his trove, where he unloads all he's collected

The hamster creatively thinks of a way to get his carrot through the tube

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