Hamster Eats A Tiny Burrito: Video Pick Of the Week

In our latest video pick of the week, a hamster eats a tiny burrito. You'll have to watch the video to see how absolutely adorable it is!Hamster Eats A Tiny Burrito

The video begins with the chef slicing fresh ingredients like tomato, chicken and cilantro into teeny-tiny bits. Then, he folds them up with salsa into a mini tortilla to create miniaturized burritos!

He then sets up a pint-sized restaurant for the hamster, including a table, chair and mood lighting. The hamster seems to know how to approach the situation and sits himself down in the right spot, looking hungry at he gazes over a plate made of a poker chip.

Presented with a tiny burrito, the hamster stuffs the whole thing into his mouth to tuck away in his cheek. He carefully deconstructs a second burrito, slowly consuming it bit by bit!

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