Adorable Instagram Captions for Every Pic of Your Pet Hamster

Just because hamsters are a totally underrated pet doesn't mean they don't deserve some love on your Instagram page.

Not sure how to share your favorite pics? We think these short but sweet hamster-inspired captions will put you on the right track.

For when your hamster starts absolutely stuffing its cheek pouches:

"Chubby cheeks and hamster squeaks."


For your hamster acting its goofiest:

"Acting hammy."


For the pic of your hamster camping out in its tube city:

"Totally tubular."

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For the shot of your hamster noisily running in its wheel:

"The wheel is come full circle."

-William Shakespeare, King Lear


For when your hamster is so relaxed in your hand that it goes totally flat:

"Flat as a pancake."

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For when your hamster wakes you up in the middle of the night with its antics:

"Ham-stir crazy."


For the adorable image of your pet running around in its hamster ball:

"On a roll."

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For the ultimate chubby cheek pic of your hamster:

"Taking the next meal to go."


For your hamster's adventure through the tubes:

"*Mission Impossible theme plays*"


For when your rodent friend decides to nestle into the weirdest of places:

"If it fits, I sits."


For the shot of your hamster hiding comfortably in its bedding fluff:

"The fluff is their happy place."


For the selfie with the hamster who's the only buddy you need:

"I'm done with men. I have a hamster. That's all I need."

– Janet Evanovich


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