Everything You Wanted to Know About Dancer Hannah Grace Colin

Pro dancer and Dance Moms star Hannah Grace Colin has been dancing for pretty much all of her life, and it shows.

At 15, she's one of the very best in the business, and her skills have made her a star beyond the small screen, as she's also become a notable influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. Adore Hannah as much as we do? In Hannah's own words, here's everything you should know about the dancer.

Hannah Grace Colin Woman Crush Wednsday

(Photo credit: Eva Nys)

Name: Hannah Grace Colin

Hometown: New Albany, Indiana

Birthday: March 29

Zodiac sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. Hannah's favorite dish from home is her grandpa's chili.

"He makes the best chili. Most people don't put macaroni noodles in their chili, but that is one of the reasons I think it is so great!"

-Hannah Grace Colin

2. She got totally starstruck when she randomly ran into Emma Chamberlain.

"Oh my goodness. I was eating at Saddle Ranch here in L.A. with some of my Dance Moms friends and I saw Emma Chamberlain. I was actually the first one to notice her. I have always watched her Youtube videos and I can't believe I actually met her."

-Hannah Grace Colin

3. After a tough day, she likes to unwind by eating ice cream and watching TikTok videos and Snapchats with her friends. She also loves to binge-watch Victorious on Netflix.

4. Her go-to nail polish color is white.

"It matches everything."

-Hannah Grace Colin

5. She's unexpectedly really good at roller skating.

"I love to go roller skating. It is something I have done since I was little."

-Hannah Grace Colin

6. She collects the fortunes from every fortune cookie she's ever had.

"I know that it's funny, but don't throw them away. It's bad luck."

-Hannah Grace Colin

7. She'd cast Millie Bobby Brown to play her in a movie.

"I think she is a fantastic actress. I would actually love to work with her one day on a project."

-Hannah Grace Colin

8. She hasn't had any pets before, but she will soon!

"I got a Petite Mini Doodle for Christmas and I will get to bring her home in April."

-Hannah Grace Colin

9. Her favorite thing about herself is her hair.

"No one is allowed to cut it. I love the length and that I can do so many different styles with it."

-Hannah Grace Colin

10. She simply cannot stop playing iMessage games on her phone.

"I am really good at Cup Pong but I also like 8-Ball."

-Hannah Grace Colin

11. Hannah says kindness is pretty much more important than anything else.

"I believe that you should do all things with a kind heart, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. That is why I started my KINDness Wins movement. Use #KINDnessWinsHGC to spread kindness on social media platforms and in your daily life."

-Hannah Grace Colin


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