How TikTok Star Hannah Jarrah Spreads Self-Love and Wholesome Living

We absolutely adore that TikTok is full of incredible creatives and creators for pretty much every category under the sun, and when it comes to clean eating, self-love and sustainability, we adore Hannah Jarrah.

The 21-year-old TikTok, YouTube and Instagram content creator is always true to herself, with her authenticity shining through in each and every video, and she inspires us all to be our best and realest selves while showing us how to participate in a bit of food-based self-care. She's a big inspiration, and we're honored to have gotten the chance to chat with her about herself, her channels and what being an advocate means to her.

Sweety High: Have you always been passionate about health and sustainability? At what point did you realize you could make a difference by sharing your knowledge on TikTok?

Hannah Jarrah: I've always loved the earth and all the creatures that inhabit it from a very young age. Growing up, the elementary school I went to actually had a farm attached to it. I loved the animals so much that at the age of 5 I refused to eat any meat for a whole year. I also was a gymnast growing up, so I always viewed food as fuel because that's what gave me the energy to perform my very best. However, my passion for health and sustainability really peaked around my senior year of high school, which is when I started to get crafty in the kitchen and shop more mindfully. About two months into posting on TikTok, I saw the potential that my platform had and I vowed to myself to "stay the course" (something I literally got tattooed on my wrist) and keep showing my authentic self while empowering beautiful souls online to embody their inner badass.


SH: What has it been like to make such a huge name for yourself on the platform?

HJ: The first thing that comes to my mind is it has been a blessing. As many people as I am helping online, they are all equally helping me. I truly feel so grateful to have this platform where we all strive to lift each other up and be the best version of ourselves that we possibly can.


SH: What do you think it is about TikTok that's allowed you to succeed in such an impactful way?

HJ: Because the type of content on TikTok is a lot more laid back than Instagram or YouTube, it allowed me to fully be myself and not overthink all the things I posted. I also think the fact that there is a 60-second time cap on videos helps a lot because it allows me to make jokes and get whatever recipe I'm whipping up across in a way that remains fun, light-hearted and entertaining.


SH: What do clean eating and sustainability mean to you? Why are you so passionate about sharing them with others?

HJ: To me, clean eating is eating nutritionally-dense foods that make you feel good. Everybody is different and health is not one-size-fits-all, which is why I constantly preach eating intuitively and having flexibility in your food choices. Sustainability to me means doing the best you can at taking care of the planet that quite literally gives us life. This can involve becoming more aware of the amount of waste you produce, supporting sustainable businesses, picking up trash whenever possible and more! I'm so passionate about sharing these things with others because when we take care of ourselves and the planet, we feel our best. These two things have changed my life dramatically and my hope is that I can lead by example and change the lives of others in this way.


SH: Do you have any top tips for learning how to love yourself?

HJ: My first tip is whole-heartedly accepting yourself as you are. Beauty standards are so real and it's very easy to compare yourself to those you see online. So remind yourself that the things we see online are simply not real, and almost all our insecurities were literally created by companies who profit off of them. Remind yourself who you are and keep your chin up because there is not a single person on this earth who radiates your level of beautiful uniqueness!


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